CBD and Kidney Disease: How CBD Helps

CBD and Kidney Disease: How CBD Fights Off Kidney Disease Symptoms

CBD and Kidney Disease

CBD and Kidney Disease became part of medical research. Professionals began to scrutinize the component of CBD and how it will affect patients with chronic kidney disease. As of now, CKD still does not have a reliable treatment. What you will find in the pharmaceutical market are drugs to alleviate the pain. However, they will not prevent the kidney from deteriorating.

Once a person has a CKD diagnosis, he will begin to lose the kidney function gradually. Thankfully, as one of the natural supplements, Cannabidiol has a positive impact on several health issues. It positively affects the moderate to an advanced stage of Chronic Kidney Disease.


What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

When your kidney starts to deteriorate, it loses its functions to filter wastes and excess fluids from your body. In that cycle, the kidney releases the fluids and turns into the urine. A person with CKD has noticeable swelling of feet and ankles.

The symptoms might not be too apparent in the early stage of CKD, making it harder to diagnose your case. The symptoms usually show up when CKD progresses into a more advanced stage. That is why it is vital to learn about possible symptoms and prevent further kidney damage.

It is also essential to know the factors triggering this chronic health issue as soon as possible. If one of your family had chronic kidney disease, there is a high possibility of passing it through the next generations.


The Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

Take action the first time you see early symptoms of chronic kidney disease. It would be best if you talk with your doctor and get yourself tested. The only thing about CKD is that you could not recognize the symptoms when you are in the primary stage.


What are The Tests to Recognize CKD in an Early Stage?

Blood Pressure Tests

It is best to keep track of your blood pressure and control them. Hypertension is one of the leading causes of kidney failure. It deteriorates the blood vessels and kidneys’ filters. When your kidney gets damaged, your blood pressure is hard to control.

When your blood pressure gets checked, your doctor will tell how high your blood pressure is and give appropriate medicines. It is essential to control it as soon as possible to prevent serious health problems in the future.

On the other hand, kidney disease could also cause high blood pressure. So, visiting your health professional is the best way to know its causes to work toward CKD prevention.

  • Urine Tests

Get yourself checked to see how much protein is present in your urine. It could be the first symptom to identify an early stage of CKD. The body’s protein should be on the average level. However, when the kidney is not functioning well, protein gets filtered out of your body and get into your urine. If that happens, immediate treatment is vital.

  • Blood Tests

A blood test is essential to see the creatinine level on your blood. Creatinine is the waste product from your body. It also enables your doctor to see your current GFR or glomerular filtration rate. GFR will tell you the current state of your kidneys.

  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound is essential to check your kidney’s state and structures. That includes its location, shape, and size. It will determine whether your kidney has infection, obstruction, fluid collection, tumors, or cysts. Through this test, the doctor can tell the severity of your CKD condition.


What are The Symptoms of Advanced CKD?

CBD and Kidney Disease

When your CKD worsens, the symptoms become more apparent. These could be:

  • Insomnia – A CKD patient might have difficulty in sleeping. The increased need to pee worsens his current state.
  • Fatigue – One might feel exhausted even without doing any activities.
  • Shortness of breath – This state happens when a CKD patient has fluid build-up on his lungs. Immediate treatment should take place in this case.
  • Blood in urine – CKD can damage your kidney’s filters. Once it happens, the blood goes on the stream of your urinary tract and causing leakage of blood to your urine.
  • Water retention – You will see swelling of ankles, feet, or hands.
  • Headache
  • Muscle Cramps


What Are the Treatments for CKD?

Doctors and health professionals recommend several medications to CKD patients. Most of the time, they recommend medicines not only for CKD treatment. They also recommend drugs for other complications caused by this disease.


Medicines to Control Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled blood pressure worsens kidney diseases. When you take blood pressure medications, make sure to get yourself tested regularly. Taking medicines to control blood pressure comes with several side effects. It decreases your kidney function and reduces the electrolytes from your body.

Another medicine that doctor suggests is the water or diuretic pill to reduce water retention. At the same time, it lowers your blood pressure.


Medicines with Iron

CKD patient usually feels tired due to a drop of red blood cells, causing him to become anemic. A medication like erythropoietin helps your body to produce more red blood cells. Erythropoietin is also available through injections.


Calcium and Vitamin D

You need to supply your body with more supplements and vitamins when you are in the advanced stage of CKD. Keep your muscles and bones healthy to prevent them from brittleness and fractures.


Medicines to lower bad cholesterol

CKD patients increase their bad cholesterol, which might lead to heart failures. Most of the time, doctors recommend medicines to lower cholesterol and keep you away from harmful consequences.

If you are on the end stage of Chronic Kidney Failure, the only solutions are dialysis or a kidney transplant. When you refuse these two treatments, you can go with the conservative measures. However, your lifespan might not get extended than a year.


How to Prevent CKD from Getting Worst?

CBD and Kidney Disease

At this time being, CKD still has no cure. But there are ways to alleviate the symptoms to keep it from getting worst. Changing your lifestyle and taking the right supplement are ways to live a happy and healthy life.

I have heard a lot about CBD and Kidney Disease from medical professionals. A lot of health experts talked about the benefits and extraordinary impact of CBD on CKD patients. More than that, you probably need to learn about other ways to keep your kidney healthy.


Start a Healthy Diet

There is a misconception made by a lot of people nowadays. They think it is okay to eat unhealthy foods as long as they take their medicines. That is the wrong mindset and keep you away from living a healthy life again. When you lead to an unhealthy diet, you will go over your first treatment repeatedly.


Stock healthy foods on your pantry.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to reorganize and re-evaluate the foods in your kitchen. If you are doing the groceries, make a list of healthy ingredients, and stick to it. You can ask your family to cooperate with you and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Cut back on salt and other food additives full of sodium. Sugars might also affect your kidney, especially if you have a history of diabetes. Too much sugar aggravates kidney failure.

If you love eating fast foods, you can create variations with healthier alternatives. For example, if you love eating pizza, you can make vegetable toppings instead of adding processed meats.

Substitute white rice with red or black rice for added fibers. Also, it is vital to take note of or review the food labels. Pick those with low sodium, trans fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol.

Eat fruits every day. But here is the thing, eating fruits than juicing it is more beneficial. So, instead of throwing out the pulps and fiber, make it a habit to eat them.


Keep a healthy weight.

See your BMI measurement to see if your weight, height, and age matches together. If your weight is higher than average, you might need to mind your diet and start exercising. Physical activities not only promote healthy weight but keep you away from other diseases.


Cut off vices.

Vices include smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking recreational marijuana. Take note that recreational marijuana differs from CBD. On the other hand, CBD does not have any psychoactive effect on the consumer.

If you could not cut out your alcohol intake entirely, you can make a goal and progression slowly. Also, when you are a chain smoker, you might need to gradually cut back the number of sticks. Withdrawal symptoms might occur after you decide to stop smoking.


CBD and Kidney Disease: The Next Healthy Approach

Compared to other pharmaceutical drugs, CBD proved several benefits to CKD patients. It has several advantages not only to CKD but also to various health illnesses present nowadays. Moreover, it comes with properties to reduce or alleviate the symptoms right away.


Is CBD Safe to Use?

The simple answer to that question is yes. It is 100% safe to use. However, since different countries have various laws, you need to make sure that CBD is legal. Up to this day, this natural supplement still has a lot of controversies. Many researchers study more about the properties and components of CBD to prove its benefits to people.

Contrary to the belief of the majority of people, CBD does not work the same as recreational marijuana. Although it comes with the same plant, the effect still differs from each other. It does not cause a psychoactive effect to harm people’s capability to decide with a sound mind.

If you are just starting on taking CBD, you might want to make it gradual. It also has side effects, but if you choose the right dosage, side effects rarely happen.

Some of the side effects could be drowsiness, reduced appetite, diarrhea, or dry mouth. If some of these symptoms persist, it is best to talk with your doctor or health professional.


How CBD Treats Kidney Disease

CBD is a natural supplement. It comes from a hemp or marijuana plant that is also one of the Cannabinoids. It only relieves the pain and not the illness itself when you take over-the-counter drugs or pharmaceutical medicines.

On the other hand, Cannabidiol works with your body’s natural systems. It activates one of the system’s receptors and produces endocannabinoid anandamide. Anandamide serves as a defense mechanism to reduce the pain caused by Chronic Kidney Disease. It regulates your pain response and improves your mood.

Claudia Ho, Dan Martinusen, and Clifford Lo from the University of British Columbia conducted a review of Cannabis for CKD management. The purpose of this review is to provide relief to patients with advanced Chronic Kidney Disorder. According to their findings, they found more than or equal to 30% of reduction to physical pain caused by Chronic Kidney Disease by using nonsynthetic cannabinoids to several patients.

However, researchers still need to conduct further research to back up CBD’s idea for treating Kidney Disease.


What are The Benefits of CBD for Kidney Disease?

First of all, CBD helps to slow down the progression of your kidney disease. It is one of the best supplements to take to reduce the risks of CKD. Moreover, it prevents your kidneys from further damage.

Second, CBD has pain-killer properties to reduce the pain caused by Chronic Kidney Disease. It reduces water retention to lessen swelling from your feet, ankles, and hands.

Third, it might reduce the inflammation of your kidneys.

Lastly, it might save your kidneys from oxidative damage.


CBD and Kidney Disease: Enjoy the Full Benefits

Once you take the right dosage of CBD, you will get your preferred results gradually. CBD is available in different forms – gums, oils, and other edible products. When you want to take CBD, it is essential to look for authentic and reputable stores.

Keep in mind that your health is at risk if you take CBD products with a high THC level. You can ask around first and look at the reviews to ensure that the CBD you are going to buy is safe to use. Nonetheless, taking CBD can help you manage your Chronic Kidney Disease and live your life to the fullest.


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