CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Reasons Why CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the Best Solution

CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome helps the symptoms in different ways. Cannabidiol is one of the best natural pain killers that would make the pain fade away. Cannabidiol derived from the marijuana plant – specifically of what you called hemp. Please keep reading for CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Starting from years ago, researchers and medical experts began to experiment with CBD to cure different illnesses. As of now, there is one FDA-approved CBD medicine called Epidiolex. It currently treats the effects of Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome.

Today, more professional researchers search for their benefits to humans. According to researches, it cures more than autism and epilepsy. It prevents other illnesses and lessens the symptoms of other health issues.


What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

It occurs once you accidentally squeeze or compress your wrist affecting the median nerve. When that happens, you will feel some of the common symptoms – arm or hand tingling, numbness, and pain. Studying anatomy, you will learn that the carpal tunnel serves as a protection between the median nerve and flexor tendon that is responsible for making fingers and thumbs bend. Meaning, without it, it is almost impossible to type, write, or do other things with your hands.

This carpal tunnel cannot stretch since its boundaries are too rigid. That is what we called the transverse carpal ligament.

The median nerve is the main nerve in your arms. It goes to the hands and arms to make a person feel his thumb, division, and middle and ring fingers. So, you will likely feel what we have mentioned above about its possible effects when you have a Carpal Tunnel syndrome.


What are The Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hereditary If one from your family got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you or one of your family members might acquire the same issue. The reason behind this is that other people have a smaller carpal tunnel, making the nerve stressed or too fit. That gives the numb or tingling sensation from your arms.

  • Other Health Conditions

Diseases like rheumatoid, thyroid gland imbalance, diabetes, and more health problems are most likely those who acquire Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Excess usage of your fingers, hands, or arms.

It is possible to experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you are into doing some strenuous activities with the involvement of your arms or hands. Since repetitive actions put pressure on the wrist, it can cause numb or painful arms.

  • Pregnancy

For some reason, hormonal changes also affect the median nerve due to excessive swelling. If this happens, you can do some remedies by nerve gliding exercises or putting your arms or hands in different positions.

  • Arthritis

If you are experiencing joint pains due to arthritis, you are prone to have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome since the swelling adds more stress to your wrist. It causes issues on your carpal tunnel affecting the median nerve.


How Will You Know if You Have a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There might be some confusion about Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and other mild conditions. Some cases might tell you that you just have tired arms. However, how will you know if you have more than that?

One of the first things you might encounter is the repeated numbness and tingling feel around your fingers, arms, and hands. But most likely, you will feel that in your ring, middle, index, and thumb fingers. In some cases, you will feel the sudden shock sensations in the same places.

If it gets worse, the pain will go directly to your forearm and shoulders, which will make things more challenging for you. When you button your shirts, you feel weak and numb, making it hard or even impossible to do minor things.

The other indicator, if you are undergoing through the carpal tunnel syndrome is when you suddenly drop things without being aware of it.

CBD for Carp Tunnel Syndrome is one of the ideal solutions to lessen the symptoms or even the pain, numb, or tingling feeling.


What is the Diagnosis for Carp Tunnel Syndrome?

CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Although Carp Tunnel Syndrome seems a simple case, it is not always the matter. If left untreated, the pain gets worse, and fingers, arms, and hands will lose its coordination with your medial nerve. That is why you need to fix the problem as soon as possible. Of course, before the doctor tells you what to do, testing first is necessary.

You might need to undergo an X-ray for your early diagnosis. It will help you to identify if you have fractures or arthritis, triggering the syndrome. Take note, an x-ray will not diagnose you if you have a carp tunnel problem, but it will tell you what causes it through X-Ray.

A doctor might review the pattern of your symptoms and give a better diagnosis. For some people, Carp Tunnel Syndrome only occurs in a specific. Knowing the exact hour where the pain occurs helps the doctor to diagnose your case.

Another way to find out if you have a carp tunnel syndrome is when a doctor or health professional asks you to undergo with Electromyography. It measures the electrical discharges from your muscle. The test begins by inserting a thin needle electrode to evaluate the muscle situations when they are at contract or rest.

It will help the medical professionals to know if the median nerve has damage, affecting other nerves causing you its main problem.


What are The Proposed Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Although there are no direct instructions on how to treat Carp Tunnel Syndrome, professionals suggest some crucial tips to avoid or lessen the effects caused by this syndrome. Doctors might recommend you Corticosteroids, which they inject directly in your carpal tunnel. If you are asking which of Corticosteroids are more affected, you can go for injections rather than oral.

Doctors perform an ultrasound first to guide the injection of the medicine. According to different people who already used it for their treatment, it is one of the most effective.

When your Carpal Tunnel syndrome is just in a mild case, you can do the wrist splinting. Putting a wrist splint or brace at night can help to relieve pain or numbness during your sleep. Also, wearing it at night can prevent your hands or arms from further problems in the morning.

Wearing splints during pregnancy can prevent you from numbness or feeling the tingling sensation. Also, it is a natural way to solve the problem without in taking synthetic drugs.

Another option to soothe the numbness or pain is through taking over-the-counter drugs, such as ibuprofen, or other pain-killer medicines. However, take note that a prolonged use intake of these types of drugs has a long-term effect on your body. So, natural medication – such as CBD for Carp Tunnel Syndrome is one way to relieve the pain. We will tell you further its essential components of why it is the ideal medicine for you.


What are the Doctor’s Solutions for Severe Cases?

Some people with more advanced cases reach for doctor’s help. Most medical professionals recommend the injection called Corticosteroids. That is a drug injected into the carpal tunnel to relieve pain. In that case, doctors use ultrasound for accurate guides through the nerves and carpal tunnel.

If you do not want to have a Corticosteroids injection, you can opt with oral medicine of the same name. However, oral drug variation is not as much as what an injection can do.

Sometimes, doctors recommend surgeries for severe cases of if a person’s other treatments do not show any improvement. There are two types of operations doctors might perform based on your recent test. These could be Endoscopic Surgery or Open Surgery.


What is Endoscopic Surgery?

With this procedure, the surgeon uses a telescope with the small camera to see inside your carpal tunnel. To make it possible, the surgeon cuts the ligaments from your wrist. Another way to see inside is through using ultrasound. It depends on the surgeon and the available equipment inside the clinic or hospital.


What is Open Surgery?

The surgeon’s goal is to free the nerve from the carpal tunnel. It is possible through an incision on your hand/s’ palm to the carpal tube. Then, the surgeon cuts through the ligament.

When you think of these procedures, it might be terrifying. Having a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not a joke. A person experiencing the same case will go through different phases. So, if you want to stop the agonizing pain right away, there might be a solution you have been looking for that has already been available for a long time.


CBD for Carp Tunnel Syndrome: Is it Possible?

CBD or Cannabidiol comes with several health benefits. The only thing is that it not widely accepted by the public and even to some government or federal laws. But in several years – as more professional individuals studied about this matter – many people opened their minds and research its possibility.

If CBD became the solution for various health issues, that could also be possible for Carp Tunnel Syndrome. Take a look at the CBD’s health benefits could connect its symptoms.


CBD Health Benefits

  • Limit the effect of epilepsy or seizures.

Epilepsy is one of the common problems of people worldwide. Just in 2018, new FDA-approved medicine appeared that proved its efficiency to affected individuals. According to the Epilepsy Society, CBD or Cannabidiol is showing a bright hope to epileptic patients. As of now, they continue their research to find out other benefits of these marijuana-derived drugs.

  • It soothes pain.

One of the reasons why CBD for the Carpal Tunnel is because it is an excellent remedy since it comes with a pain reliever component. The CBD’s help for the human’s brain receptor lessens the pain the person is currently feeling. Other health issues it can address are spinal cord injuries, muscle pain, MS pain, chronic pain, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, and a lot more.

  • CBD is anti-inflammatory.

Just recently, a new medicine derived from TCH and CBD in the United Kingdom and Canada is approved by the government. The medicine’s name is Nabiximols or Sativex, which is a treatment for multiple sclerosis. One factor why it soothes this health issue is its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It is suitable for mental health.

When you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it might affect your sleep. Lack of sleep aggravates anxiety and depression. It means that CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the best medicine or supplements to supply your lack of sleep. In fact, it will also reduce your stress and help through PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • It might prevent and treat cancer.

Although this claim is not yet a fact, many researchers found several properties from CBD helping to fight cancer. The study from the National Cancer Institute stated that Cannabidiol is one of the best treatments to alleviate the cancer symptoms and other treatments’ side effects. It could also stop the tumor cells from reproducing.


When to Use CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Even you just recently feel numbness or tingling sensation on your hands or fingers, you can take a prescribed CBD oil or capsules. The medicine intake depends on the health professional’s prescription. However, other CBD companies claim their products of having low THC percentages. When, in fact, they add a large quantity of THC.

If you are in the country legalizing CBD usage, some doctors’ health professionals suggest this medicine for different purposes. At first, you need to undergo several tests to make sure about your condition. It will also help the doctors to tell the best procedures and medicines for you.

There is still a high possibility that CBD can fix your situation when you are already in the severe case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Moreover, it will help you to prevent yourself from aggravating the symptoms. It comes with several properties that are good not only to CTS but also to other health issues.

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