CBD For CTE Could it be the answer?


CBD For CTEAmerican football (rugby) is an entertaining sport built on passion, grit, determination, and teamwork. This game is entrenched in the American culture, and people play it in high schools and professionally. Big Super Bowl parties are frequent in the US and a considerable part of American traditions. Nonetheless, while spectators have excellent times watching the exhilarating actions, the players are at risk. They have a high chance of having a condition known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Meanwhile, CBD for CTE is one of the options medical experts consider to treat this condition.

It is not surprising that medical practitioners see CBD as a viable treatment for this disease. CBD is becoming more popular by the day because of its health benefits. Research has established its effectiveness in providing relief for chronic pain, depression, and inflammation. CBD can also help people battling Lyme disease, anxiety, and dystonia. This article will review the plausibility of CBD for CTE. It will also help you with buying tips and other valuable information.

CBD For CTE: Overview

CTE is a medical condition that causes the degeneration of some parts of the brain. Its symptoms are similar to Alzheimer’s disease, which causes neurological and physiological alterations in the brain. Alzheimer’s disease leads to the building of tau, an abnormal protein. This protein builds and clumps in brain areas where it should not be present. This abnormal buildup leads to the impairment of brain functions. Unfortunately, diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease can be very tricky. It is often confirmed by examining the person’s brain after death for tau deposits.

However, unlike Alzheimer’s disease, CTE has evident symptoms. Hence, its diagnosis is not as challenging as that of Alzheimer’s disease. CTE is characterized by trauma from repeated concussions. This medical condition was first discovered among boxers. It is not shocking because of the repeated heavy punches they receive on the head. Nonetheless, the disease is now popular among football players. The repeated falls and collisions during this game make the players susceptible to repeated concussions, which leads to CTE.

More so, living with CTE can be extremely challenging. It often causes depression, anxiety, anger, and other mood disorders. It also often involves issues with impulse control, concentration, attention, and memory. CTE patients usually experience dizziness, confusion, disorientation, headaches, tremors, drooping eyelids, and vertigo.  Deafness, impaired judgment, slower muscular movement, and difficulty speaking, walking, and swallowing are common symptoms. CTE is not curable as of now. However, there are some pharmaceutical treatments, including CBD, for CTE. It is always better to prevent this disease. Avoiding activities that can lead to concussive incidents is the best preventive measure. In case you are experiencing concussions, ensure that you receive treatment from a qualified doctor.


CBD For CTE: Current Treatments

It took a while before more doctors were able to diagnose CTE. Before now, neurologists often have to search for tau deposits in the brain during an autopsy to discover the illness. This procedure often takes several months, and it is not part of a routine autopsy. Nonetheless, more doctors can detect CTE now to treat it as soon as possible. CBD for CTE is not the only treatment for the disease. Due to the complications of diagnosis, most doctors often focus on controlling disturbing symptoms. They often use different medications to cater to specific symptoms of the disease.

For example, doctors often prescribe cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients control their emotions. This therapy is helpful against psychological problems like irritability, anxiety, and depression. Medical professionals also prescribe acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy, and other medications for headaches. Moreover, patients experiencing memory loss often employ note-taking strategies to give them memory training exercises.

A 2017 news item revealed that some athletes rely on powerful painkillers, anti-inflammation drugs, and beer to comfort. Retired sportspeople often employ opioids to obtain relief because of the pain they experience all over their body. Unfortunately, these substances have side excessive side effects. For example, opioids are addictive, and overdose can lead to death. So, many are seeking better treatment options, and CBD for CTE is an exciting alternative.

Can Athletes Leverage CBD For CTE?

CBD For CTEA doctor must diagnose you before you can use any treatment, including CBD, for CTE. It is dangerous to use any medication without a medical professional’s prescription because of unprecedented side effects. It can be tricky to get medical marijuana. Nevertheless, you can have access to hemp-derived CBD nationwide. Molecularly, CBD from hemp and the one from cannabis marijuana are the same. Hemp-derived CBD has medicinal properties that can help people experiencing symptoms of CTE.

CBD protects the brain from concussive trauma and reduces pain, anger, tremors, headaches, and depression. So, CBD for CTE is viable for athletes and any other person seeking relief from this ailment. Professional, high school and college sportspeople need CBD for CTE. Unfortunately, they may find it challenging to have access to it due to its legality. Many organizations ban the use of cannabis because it is a Schedule 1 substance. The good news is that the World Anti-Doping Agency has omitted the substance from its prohibited substances list. However, major US sports leagues like the NBA and NFL still regard cannabis-related substances as illegal.

The NBA does even not permit athletes to use CBD that comes from hemp despite its low THC content. So, despite the health benefits of using CBD for CTE, athletes may not be able to take advantage of it. However, things can change because sportspeople are complaining. Many realize how this powerful substance can change the lives of players and are fighting to its use. CBD for CTE has helped many athletes. For example, Leonard Marshal, a Super Bowl champion, admitted that his health conditions have been better, thanks to CBD.

Why CBD For CTE Is Plausible

It is critical to have an assurance of obtaining relief before you can consider CBD for CTE. There are several ways CBD can be effective against CTE symptoms. For example, CBD is a potent neuroprotectant. Neuroprotection involves the preservation of brain structure and function. Hence, being a neuroprotectant implies that CBD protects the structural integrity and functioning of the brain.  Moreover, the US government holds a patent for CBD use and research in neuroprotection. Some researchers argue that athletes should have access to this substance to protect them from brain damages.

Lester Grinspoon, a cannabis researcher, is one of the scholars advocating for CBD’s use by sportspeople. The professor emeritus from Harvard University reckons that NFL players should play with CBD in their body system. He said that he would give a capsule to an individual an hour before or after training. Research supports professor Grinspoon’s claims. Studies have established that patients using CBD are less likely to suffer brain damage in traumatic injuries. So, CBD for CTE makes perfect sense since it protects the brain during a concussion.

Furthermore, CBD can help protect the brain even after sustaining an injury. A study on Alzheimer’s disease showed that CBD inhibits tau accumulation, thereby protecting the brain. The prevention of tau buildup will ensure that brain functioning remains intact. Research has also established a link between cannabinoids and the growth of new brain cells. So, CBD can repair brain damage and aid the recovery process. CBD can also help against many CTE symptoms like pain, tremors, movement problems, and inflammation. These effects are due to the role of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in controlling these symptoms.

How To Go About Using CBD For CTE

CBD interacts with the ECS in the body. The ECS is a system that includes many receptors that are present in various parts of the body. These receptors are activated when you take cannabinoids from marijuana. The body also produces endocannabinoids, which are capable of activating the ECS. These natural cannabinoids regulate body functions, such as dealing with CTE. However, when they fail in their function, introducing plant cannabinoids like CBD activates the system. This activation restores balance, and that explains why CBD for CTE is effective.

CBD is a chemical substance. Therefore, it is not safe to use it without seeking medical guidance. You can talk to your doctor or an organization that is adept in the use of cannabinoid treatments. Some online outlets offer consultation via video conference from the privacy and comfort of your home. Once a doctor confirms that CBD is appropriate for your condition, you can try a product. Note that different CBD products exist. For example, you can get CBD oil, tincture, or bath soak. Each of these forms has a different absorption rate and bioavailability. So, seek professional guidance before choosing a product.

In case you do not have access to medical marijuana, go for hemp-based CBD products. Hemp’s THC content is shallow; so, it does not have intoxicating effects. Hemp-based products guarantee that you can medicate while working and performing other daily tasks. You may need help with getting the right dose. This process can be quite tricky, and many people rely on trial and error. Nonetheless, you can make things easier for yourself by consulting a medical professional. You need the right dose to get the required therapeutic effect.

How To Buy Top-Quality CBD For CTE

The fame of CBD is increasing, and many offline and online outlets offer the products. CBD vape products, capsules, topicals, gels, and oils are all available in the market. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to get topnotch products. An excellent CBD product contains enough active ingredients that can help you get relief from CTE. Unfortunately, many products out there do not contain the same CBD on the label. So, you need to be careful when buying a one.

When buying a product, you should consider the following factors:

Brand Reputation And Transparency

CTEThe company’s reputation matters a lot when considering CBD for CTE. An organization that has a track record of offering inferior-quality products will not change overnight. So, you must read customer reviews before you commit your money. From the reviews, you can know the sellers that have third-party lab results and potent products.

Reading reviews will also enable you to have a clue about the brand’s customer satisfaction and transparency. You will be making a mistake when you trust a company that has poor customer satisfaction. Besides, a company must be willing to reveal its policies and business practices to the general public.

Ingredients And Taste

The ingredients of medication determine its effectiveness. So, when leveraging CBD for CTE, you have to consider the content of the medication. Check the CBD content to determine the medication’s effectiveness. Nonetheless, due to wrong labeling, you need to check third-party lab reports.

CBD products are available in different flavors. Note that the flavor does not affect the potency of the drug. Nonetheless, intense flavors and aromas may be counterproductive, especially if you are allergic to them. So, purchase a product that has the flavor you prefer.

Final Thoughts

The famous adage, “health is wealth,” is nothing but the truth. You cannot deliver high performance in your daily tasks when you have health challenges. Therefore, you must place a premium on your health.  One of the ways you can prioritize your health is by seeking medical help as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until things get out of hand before taking advantage of CBD for CTE.

Your brain is a critical organ in your body. Therefore, you have to do all you can to protect it. Research has proven that CBD has preventive and curative effects on the brain. So, it is a no-brainer to take advantage of CBD products even when you do not have CTE. Your health goes a long way in determining the quality of your life. So, ensure that you leverage CBD for CTE and other medications to live a happy life.


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