CBD Oil Amazon, Do they coincide?

Where Can You Buy CBD?

CBD OIL Amazon
Cannabis Sativa Plant

CBD can be bought from various locations. You can buy it from stores in the city you live in, or you can even buy from online vendors. However, it’s always best to find a trusted vendor. This way, you know you taking what is considered right for you. In fact, CBD oil Amazon is one of the most googled phrases right now.  Therefore, do your research and read reviews to find the right venue for you.

Is Amazon Right for You?

CBD OIl Amazon
Laws and rules

Amazon is a huge online retailer. Therefore, it sells a variety of everything! The one thing about Amazon is you can get whatever you need all in the same place. However, once again, read the reviews and do your research to make sure this choice is right for you. CBD oil and Amazon would work well together. Sellers from all around the USA can list their CBD products online through Amazon and that will give you many choices to choose from. In fact, they give you so many, it can be overwhelming. Always read the fine print! However, this being said, Amazon prohibits the sale of any product containing CBD.

CBD Oil and Amazon Laws

As previous stated above, Amazon prohibits the sale of any items made with CBD. Amazon sells to people who live in all corners of the Earth. In some places, CBD is still illegal. If Amazon sold products containing CBD, and someone from an illegal area bought some, Amazon would be in a huge amount of legal trouble. In fact, can you imagine the mess if Amazon sold CBD containing products? Even though Amazon clearly states no CBD, you can still find products listed for sell that contain traces of CBD.


The Washington Post, in Seattle Washington, wanted to test the theory of whether sellers adhered to Amazon’s rules. They purchased 13 items from Amazon. Of those 13 items, 11 of those items contained some form of CBD. The Washington post paid EVIO labs to test all the bought products. One seller was based in Colorado. In fact, it is legal to sell marijuana and CBD in Colorado. However, the rule still applies since the seller would be selling to people all over the world. The store repackaged their items, so it didn’t match the ones sold in their physical store. The store, however, has a huge following so people knew to look for it on Amazon.


Nonetheless, Amazon is trying to stop things from this happening. They have started implementing different algorithms to try to catch unacceptable items being sold. With running such a huge business, this type of risk is expected. After all, millions of people use Amazon to sell products. As you can see CBD oil and Amazon is a very controversial subject.


Approved Locations for CBD Sales


The world is a huge place. You would be surprised at all the vendors who sell CBD infused products. In Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, and Tennessee, the major retail chain CVS will start selling CBD products. In addition, Walgreens will start selling CBD patches, sprays, and creams in the following states: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, and Tennessee.


A CVS spokesman has stated, they will be selling creams, sprays, roll-ons, lotions, and salves. They will not be selling anything CBD infused edibles, supplements, or any food additives.

The market for all stores selling CBD containing products is huge. The hemp-CBD oil market is estimated to grow from 380 million to approximately 1.4 million by 2022. Expect a lot of new CBD products in the near future.

Therefore, maybe one day CBD oil Amazon will be possible one day.


Is it Pure? How Do You Know?

CBD Oil Amazon


Moreover, one of the major questions circulating around is, how do you know if the CBD product you are purchasing is pure and not a scam? Sadly, there are some people out there who are just looking to make money. You have to be very careful and make sure you are purchasing what you think you are. Some “fake” CBD products have been known to be laced with chemicals that can harm you. Others have said to contain CBD and doesn’t contain any at all.

In fact, there are a few indicators you can look for to see if it is a higher-grade CBD product. The first indicator is the color. There is a wide variety of colors for CBD. However, if it is green, that’s a good indicator there are high amounts of CBD in the product.

In addition:

Another indicator would be to read the company’s website. Also, you can check to see where the hemp is grown and do some research on whether this is true or not. Hemp plants that are grown in North America and Europe are grown with higher standards.

Be Aware:

You, as a buyer, also have the right to have the product sent to a lab and have it tested. In fact, this is the safest way to ensure your body isn’t ingesting any harmful chemicals. Some suppliers even send their products out themselves and post the results on their website to prove that their product is legit. However, if you do find a website who lists lab results, make sure it’s a picture of the actual results and not just words put into a webpage.

What Types of CBD Products are Out There?

Did you know that CBD comes in many forms? In fact, oil is just one of them. I amazed at the number of different available forms. These CBD products can be purchased at most vendors that sell CBD. A few of the forms are below.

  • CBD for energy – this comes in the form of a capsule. Therefore, people take it every morning to increase their overall energy output. Keep in mind, these capsules may also contain caffeine.
CBD Oil Amazon
  • Tea – This type of tea contains cannabidiol extracts. The tea may contain many health benefits and is listed as a great way to take CBD. Many people who deal with anxiety choose to drink CBD infused teas. It helps manage “anxiety spells” and lowering possible occurrence of these spells. Nausea can sometimes be related to anxiety. CBD laced teas can also help control the nausea.
  • Patches – You wear the patches, much like the stop smoking ones. First,  CBD is delivered directly to your bloodstream. Secondly, patches are a discreet way to take CBD if you do not want others to know. Patches can be used to help inflammation and pain associated with health problems. They can also be used to help control anxiety.
CBD patch



  • Vape Kit – Vape kits are made to smoke CBD. It’s much like normal vaping only the normal vaping materials are replaced with CBD infused materials.
CBD Vape Kit
vape kit
  • Wax – CBD wax is melted on a hot surface called a “rig”. You ingest the CBD infused waxed by using the “dab method”
CBD wax
  • Lollipops – This form is said to be one of the top forms people prefer. The lollipop allows you to get more CBD into your system. This is because the lollipop stays in your mouth allowing the CBD to be delivered more accurately. Lollipops are said to taste better than CBD oils.
CBD Oil Amazon
  • Gummies – CBD gummies look just like little gummy bears. The only difference is that they are made with CBD. If you have children, you will have to be very careful they don’t mistake this for normal candy. Even though CBD is safe, high amounts can cause some serious sedation. Gummies target anxiety and help keep you calm. They may also be used to help you sleep better at night.
CBD Gummies


More Products:

  • Lotions/creams – Many vendors make lotions and creams. This is a simple way for people to apply CBD oil to their body and allow their body to soak up the CBD. Some lotions and creams can be costly.
CBD Creams
  • Oils and tinctures – Oils and tinctures are made to be put under the tongue, so your body absorbs the CBD quickly. This is the main form that most case studies use because of the quickness and the accuracy.
CBD Oil Amazon


In conclusion:

Unquestionably, even though you cannot purchase CBD on Amazon, there are still several places you can purchase CBD. CBD comes in many forms; you just have to find the form that is right for you. Always make sure you do some kind of research on the products you are buying and the laws that apply to those products. Listed below, is all the sources I used to get my information. Please feel free to read on your own!

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