CBD OIL AND AFIB, What is it?



Atrial Fibrillation is also known as AF or Afib. It is an irregular or abnormal heartbeat. AF is seen to be a significant cause of stroke, heart failure, reduced blood flow, and other heart complications. Over 2.7 million Americans are living with AF. It has been one of the leading causes of stroke and heart difficulties in the present age. Please keep reading for CBD OIL AND AFIB.

If you are diagnosed with Afib, one of the things that occur within, is the way the heartbeats. The two upper chambers of the heart known as atria beat abnormal with the lower chamber. Sometimes it feels like the heart is beating against the chest walls. As a result, it forces your heart to work harder, making it less efficient in circulating blood throughout the body.

Afib may or may not show any symptoms at all, that even makes it worse. The health care centers may have to recommend drugs or surgical procedure for the treatment of Afib. However, none seem to be effective on the patient. What happens next? Things become complicated; symptoms become chronic and eventually lead to death.

Symptoms of Afib may include fatigue and shortness of breath. Afib itself is not a life-threatening condition. But its severe medical condition will require emergency treatment. Scientists have been researching to see how CBD oil can be helpful to patients suffering from this condition. However, there has been some good news so far due to some healing properties infused in the cannabis plant. Here in this article, we will be discussing how CBD can help treat Afib. Stay with us. This is going to be informational.



Here comes the big question. What happens? We will have to address this first before we move on. Information on what happens internally in your body system is the key to finding a solution from the cannabis plant. We will not miss out on letting you know how your body system reacts to the condition. In everything you do while going through this article, know one thing, CBD Oil and Afib is the focal point in this article.

Ok, let us answer the big question. What happens? This is what happens in your body system when you have Afib. In a healthy condition, your heart contracts and relaxes to a regular beat. However, when you have Afib, the upper chamber of the heart known as the arteria beat irregularly, and at that point, the effectiveness expected in moving blood to the ventricles is deprecated.

Another thing you notice happening is that the clot breaks off and enters the bloodstream. It lodges itself to the artery leading to the brain, thus causes a stroke. According to research, 15%-20% of people who have a stroke are a result of Afib condition. Even though it is not seen as life-threatening itself, it can be, if left untreated. This could eventually lead to heart complications.

Many people with Afib does not even see it as a severe condition. According to a survey carried in 2009, 35% of people suffering from Afib do not see it as dangerous.



CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from one of the cannabis plants and diluting it with hemp or coconut oil. Scientists have found it to be a natural remedy to many ailments because of how it interacts with the brain and body systems. It continues to grow in fame, and its healing properties continue to amaze scientists. Even though CBD is not registered by the FDA to be used in curing ailments, researchers have proven its effectiveness. It comes in various flavors and forms.


You might see it added in fruit juice, creams, and even infused in candies. I have had so many people wonder why people still use CBD products for ailments; knowing very well is not a registered product. Here is the simple answer to it. It is not registered because the FDA has not concluded how safe it could be to treat those ailments. Another question bumps in. If it is not safe, why do we use it? What is the relationship between CBD Oil and AFIB? Here are a few things we need to address in this section. This will make you know more about CBD and why it is recommended for treating inflammations

CBD oil is one of the 100 chemicals present in Marijuana or cannabis plant. It does not make you psychoactive in its natural form, unlike THC, which makes you stoned. Scientists have discovered the high healing properties present in CBD in subsidizing pain and healing a different kind of inflammation caused by various life-threatening diseases. However, there has not been any record of negativity surrounding the use of CBD. Most of the side effects related to the use of CBD is manageable and are temporary

So given these great health benefits, do you think it can help treat Afib? You will get to know more about its healing properties on Afib soon. Keep reading this article for more information.




Nature has blessed us with useful plants that can cure plenty of life-threatening diseases today. One of such is the cannabis plant. The Cannabis plant has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties present in them. With this, scientists have concluded it can help treat Afib by reducing the risk that can lead to heart diseases and stroke. Keep reading to get more information about CBD Oil and Afib. You will get to know how CBD helps in stroke and heart complications.

Let us hit the first point. How does CBD Oil help those with heart complications? What happens when you have difficulties in the heart? They are so many issues as a result of heart complications. In general, we describe it as heart failure. When your heart fails, the heart refuses to pump blood to meet your body’s need. One of the leading causes of heart failure is High Blood Pressure. High BP is a leading risk factor for hypertensive heart disease. Stress could be another reason why your blood pressure could rise. However, research has shown that administering a dose of CBD can help reduce the risk.

A study was carried out in 2017, and healthy individuals were subjected to stress and were given CBD after that. The result showed that CBD reduced their blood pressure compared with individuals given a placebo. Another study conducted in the same year proved otherwise. If you intend to use CBD to treat your health-related issue, please consult your doctor. However, individual testimonies from sufferers have also shown it to be effective in reducing the risk associated with heart failures.



When it comes to CBD Oil and Afib, a lot of information can be derived. Another one is in treating patients with stroke. Remember, stroke and heart complications result from afib condition. How does CBD oil help in treating patients with stroke? Let us look at this quickly. Stay tuned!!

Heart diseases and stroke goes along together. Having heart disease can increase your risk of having a stroke. There are two main types of stroke– Ischemic and Hemorrhagic stroke. 87% of stroke is ischemic stroke. The ischemic stroke occurs when they are a blockage in the artery that supplies oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when the brain’s artery bursts open, causing leakage, which puts pressure on the brain cells. A study in 2010 shows that CBD may help protect stroke patients from brain damage. It can even help those with stroke to recover by improving their brain function.

Most of these researches are lingering on a thin line of unbalanced nature. No conclusive theory has been drawn. Moreover, most of this test were carried out on animals. Yet, there is no human trial. We hope future research could give us better insight into this aspect.




A lot of questions have been lingering in the air on the best way CBD can be used. There is no best way to use CBD. What is best for you depends on the kind of disease you are treating. Sometimes you make your best choice based on what works best for you. No matter how you choose to use CBD, make sure you must first have spoken to your doctor. CBD Oil and Afib are just the same as every other method of ingesting CBD.

CBD comes in various forms, like in edibles, oils, tinctures, pills, and vapes. The method you choose or recommended depends on what best works for you. Taking CBD sublingually is the best way to absorb CBD to your system. Sublingual CBD is safer when compared to vaping and other forms ingesting CBD. It also offers a faster result.

Always start with a small dose if you plan to use it. After that, if it does not work, increase with a little drop. Slowly each day until you hit that peak where you find it compelling. Increase the dose by not more than 5-10Mg at a time. You are fine if the symptoms do not get worsen or having a negative sign.

Since CBD has not yet been recommended in treating other conditions like this, you should seek a doctor’s advice.




The product that you considered best might not be best for your friends. FDA does not register CBD. Therefore you are bound to have fake products hanging around in the market. What can we do? It is typical among humans. This is why you need to be careful while purchasing CBD products. The mistake you make today in your purchase could make you have a different mindset about CBD products. Keep reading for more information in CBD Oil and Afib.

Here is what you need to keep in check whenever you want to purchase CBD. Since the FDA does not register CBD, the only way to know for sure that a product is original is when a third-party agency confirms so by testing it. The third-party agencies will need to confirm the product to verify if it contains the ingredients as labeled in the product. So you have to be on the look-out to see a label that indicates its originality.

You also need to know that everyone’s body system is different. What works for you might not work for your friend. So if you are thinking of getting the same product as your friend, be rest assured that it may not work for you. This is why a professional insight is needed here to recommend avoiding you getting thousands of products before seeing the one that works best for you. If, after you have gotten a product and you discover no effect in your sickness, consider changing the CBD product. Go for another with a higher concentration of CBD.



The use of CBD does not cause any harm to the body, but it has some side effect which can be manageable. So, there is nothing to worry about. The risk associated with the use of CBD can range from stomach upset, dizziness, weight loss, and loss of appetite. CBD Oil and Afib might be quite promising for you. Still, you might stand the chance of developing side effects if not correctly administered.

These side effects tend to fade away over time. You might quite experience different symptoms if you administer CBD by inhaling it. The side effect may be informed of coughing, irritation in the throat or lung

It has been noticeable that CBD interacts with other medications, supplements, over-the-counter drugs. So, you should stop any medications a few days before you start using CBD. Also, stop using any grapefruits or any alkaline-rich fruits while on CBD medication.

Since CBD is not subject to testing like other food and drugs, it is possible to be taking a harmful product without knowing. The label may say otherwise as regards to its content. Most of them contain some other products which might not be suitable for your health.





Please do not contradict the information present in this article to the professional advice given by your doctor. Follow your doctor’s prescription as regards the use of CBD. Note that CBD is not yet approved for treating this type of sickness by the FDA, so you would need a bit of professional advice while dealing with the product. There is little research as regards the use of CBD in treating Afib. The few research and testimonies from affected people have been proven correct as of the effectiveness of CBD.


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