CBD Oil and Blood Thinners, Are they safe?

CBD Oil and Blood Thinners

CBD Oil and Blood Thinners

Have you been hearing about CBD products on the radio and other media outlets? Are you wondering why there is so much hype over CBD products? Today, CBD has become very popular. In fact, more people are turning to using natural alternatives to help manage health conditions. Undoubtedly, many express how prescribed medicines have too many harsh side effects. In fact, they feel the risk is not worth the outcome. Which leads to several questions. For example, is it safe to use CBD oil and Blood thinners?

There are several listed case studies about CBD on the Internet. In addition, there are several written books with all kinds of factual information about CBD. If you are just starting out with CBD or are an experienced user, these case studies and books can answer many questions. In this article, I will talk about how CBD oil and Blood thinners interact with each other.


What is CBD?

Firstly, CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that is extracted from the hemp part of the Cannabis Sativa Plant. CBD can be traced back in history to be using as a natural cure for ailments. As stated above, in today’s day and age, people are using cannabidiol for it’s therapeutic healing properties.

People are expressing interest in CBD because many are finding out that CBD does not have any addictive properties. Many people mistake CBD for marijuana. However, it comes from a different part of the Cannabis Sativa Plant.

There are two different types of CBD. Isolated CBD does not contain any THC at all. THC is the part of the marijuana plant to causes you to get high. Secondly, Full spectrum CBD does contain a small amount of THC. However, it only contains 0.3%. In fact, it is so low, it cannot produce a high.


How Does CBD Work?

CBD Oil and Blood Thinners

Clearly, how CBD works is still being figured out. However, from several research cases done, they can tell the Endocannabinoid System plays an important role in how CBD works for our bodies. Our bodies produce our own endocannabinoids to support our system. However, with sickness your supply of cannabinoids can run low.

Many people use CBD to replenish their cannabinoid levels. This helps keep our body healthy and in tip top shape. If your body is running at its best, it doesn’t have to fight as hard against health conditions.

Our body is made up of receptors. Each receptor does a certain thing. When CBD is ingested, it works with these receptors to send messages through our bodies. These receptors can send messages to our brains and Central Nervous System. The higher-grade CBD the better.


What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

CBD Oil and Blood Thinners

As of today, not many side effects have been reported. Importantly, the ones that are reported are only mild and most report they subside after the body gets used to ingesting the CBD.  It should be noted, a few recorded side effects of CBD are:

  • Dry mouth – This is one of the most common side effects reported. Scientists have claimed it is because CBD messes with how saliva is secreted.


  • Low Blood Pressure – CBD can be used to control high blood pressure. If you have normal blood pressure, CBD may cause your blood pressure to drop too low. You will need to keep an eye on this if you continue to take CBD.


  • Light-headedness – Some people are more sensitive to CBD then others. Lightheaded can occur in some cases. This is one of the side effects that is said to pass fairly quickly. Your body gets used to being on CBD after a while.


  • Drowsiness – Many people claimed they suffered from this side effect. However, keep in mind, there are CBD oils that contain no THC. THC is what cause the sedate feeling some people feel when ingesting CBD. If you have this side effect and would not like to feel sleepy, you need to take Isolated CBD instead of full spectrum CBD.

 More Side Effects:

  • Nausea – Some people, who are sensitive to new substances, felt nauseous. However, the symptoms passed once their body learned what to do with the amount of CBD they were ingesting.


  • Change of appetite – CBD can make you change your eating habits entirely.  In fact, you may not be very hungry when it’s actually time to eat. CBD can be used to control weight issues and help people maintain good eating habits. Some people claimed it help keep them from overeating.


  • Diarrhea – Some people, at first, did have digestive issues caused from CBD. As with all new substances our body is subjected to, it needs to learn what to do with it first. Diarrhea passed within a couple of weeks for most people.


What Are the Forms of CBD?

CBD Oil and Blood Thinners

CBD is very popular and comes in many forms. The form you take is all up to you and how you prefer to take it. Each form does have different effect times. Some get ingested quicker than others. Some forms are made to have the effects of the CBD be spaced out for hours. The most common forms are:

  • Oil/tinctures – oils and tinctures are used with a dropper. The dropper is used to put the CBD oil under your tongue. The small blood vessels under your tongue absorb the CBD. This is one of the quicker methods to use. This is the most common method used when doing scientific studies.


  • Patches – These patches, much like smoking patches, are used on parts of your body. You can apply the patch on your arm and be very discreet about it. The patches are made to spread the CBD effects out for hours. However, this method does take a little longer to ingest since it has to break through your skin cells first.


  • Teas – The tea leaves are infused with CBD oil and dried out. You use the tea leaves like you would any other tea leaves. Some people put them in tea infusers and let them sit all day before making tea with them.

 Other Forms:

  • Pills/capsules – This is one of the more common forms of CBD. Some people don’t like to use the other forms. They prefer to take the CBD in pill form. Especially, if they already have prescription pills they are already taking. The downside to this form is you have to remember to take them.


  • Cream/lotions – This form of CBD is used for topical only. These are not intended for any kind of ingestion. You apply the cream or lotion to the affected area and thoroughly rub in. Keep in mind, this can take up to 20 minutes to start working. This form is mostly used for skin conditions and arthritis pain.


More Forms:


  • Vaping Kits – CBD does come in the form of a vaping kit. It is much like the normal vaping kits, only the cartridges are filled with CBD oil. However, scientific research on CBD states you shouldn’t use vaping as a method of CBD if you are just starting out. The reason being, vaping the oil can make the side effects stronger. You need to find out what your body can handle first.


  • Powder – CBD is made into a powder and can be used to make products with. Example products are soap, shampoos, and lotions. In addition, the powder can even be added to your food and drinks.


  • Cigarettes – This form is made for people who like to smoke cigarettes. The tobacco is infused with CBD oil and ingested through the mouth as you smoke.

 Even More Forms:

  • Lollipops (Edibles) – As the name suggest, it’s a lollipop. This method is ingested into the body pretty quickly because the lollipop is normally kept in your cheek as you suck on it. The small blood vessels in the mouth absorb the CBD. Please, be aware, if you have children; these will need to be kept out of sight as they do look like candy.


  • CBD Gummies (Edibles) – This form looks just like the gummy bear candy you can buy. The gummies are infused with CBD oil. This method can take a little bit to take effect as your body has to digest the gummies first. As with the lollipops, please make sure you keep these out of reach of your children.


What are Blood Thinners?

Furthermore, Blood thinners are a medicine prescribed by a doctor for people who have issues with their blood. In fact, some people have blood clotting problems. This is caused when a person’s blood is too thick. It can cause clots to form and if a clot goes to your lungs or heart, you can die. Normally blood clots start in your legs and go up. Blood thinners keep your blood thin so that clots cannot form.

Even though blood thinners are needed for some people, they are quite dangerous too. If the person taking them gets cut, they can bleed to death if they do not get it quickly stopped. In addition, if surgery is needed, precautions have to be taken so you don’t bleed out on the table.


What are the side effects of blood thinners?

Blood thinners can be very dangerous if handled wrong. You can have many harsh side effects. Some common side effects are:

  • Heavy periods – Women who take blood thinners are prone to bleed an abnormal amount because the blood is thin.


  • Nosebleeds – Since your blood is thinner on blood thinners, any little thing can make your nose bleed. In addition, it does tend to bleed more than normal.


  • Dizziness – This can sometimes be caused from your body trying to get used to your thin blood. It can also be caused if you lose to much blood at one time.


  • Muscle Weakness – Your body is fighting trying to get used to the harsh side effects. It can make your whole body go bonkers. Muscle weakness is your body’s way of trying to fight against the thinners.


Interactions of CBD Oil and Blood Thinners

CBD Oil and Blood Thinners

Unquestionably, CBD has found to be quite effective against certain health problems, you have to be careful when using CBD with other medications. CBD does give off the “grapefruit” effect. Some medicines cannot be taken with grapefruit as it makes the medicine not as strong.

In fact, people who take blood thinners and CBD should consult a doctor before taking the two together. CBD can cause the blood thinners not to work to their full potential. If your blood thinners aren’t working at their full potential, that can be a deadly mistake. Always consult a doctor when starting anything new when you take blood thinners.


Ways to Safely Take CBD and Blood Thinners Together

As stated above, talk to your caregiver, you can both come up with a plan on how to implement the CBD oil into your health regimen. In fact, People do take CBD oil and Blood thinners together, but they are closely monitored.  However, they have to have their blood levels measured more often to make sure the blood isn’t to thin or not thin enough. You know your body, if you feel something is wrong, talk to your physician right away.


Top 5 Safest CBD Oils to Take with Blood Thinners

  1. Hemplucid – In this brand, you can get the isolated CBD oil. Unquestionably, the isolated CBD oil is safer for people who take blood thinners because it does not contain any THC.


  1. Lazarus Naturals – This brand is a made with a high-quality CBD isolated, which means it does not contain any THC. However, it is said to contain all the full benefits of their other Lazarus Natural products.


  1. Bluebird Botanicals – This brand also contains no THC but still gives you the full benefits of CBD. In addition, this brand mixes their extract with coconut oil, so you have a smoother delivery to your system.


  1. Medterra CBD – This manufacturer also is using CBD isolate. This product is made in the USA and is mixed with coconut and palm oils to make sure your system has no problems digesting the CBD oil.


  1. Charlotte’s Web – This product is 100% THC free and they offer you options of customization in flavors and routines for a better overall health.



Unquestionably, CBD has become very popular over the years. Scientists are still finding ways CBD can be helpful to us. It seems like every day they are coming up with ways that CBD can help with certain health conditions. In fact, many people are health conscious and turning to CBD for help instead of wanting to take medicine with harsh side effects. However, keep in mind, it’s always good to talk to your healthcare providers before starting CBD. Above all, they are there for you, never be afraid to ask questions! Below you will find a list of my resources I used for writing this article, happy reading!


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