CBD Oil for Back Pain, Does it work?

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Back Pain

CBD Oil for Back Pain

CBD that stands for Cannabidiol, is a new understudied medicine with a lot of controversies. Researchers and medical professionals had a long-run debate about CBD, especially the CBD oil for back pain. However, as you research more about this marijuana-derived medicine, you will see how it is beneficial for you.

As of now, CBD is available in different forms – gels, gums, foods, desserts, oils, and a lot more variations. The only thing about it is that many companies are putting false claims about the THC percentage of CBD compared to what they advertise.

Remember that CBD has lesser THC content making it impossible for a consumer to get that “high” feeling. On the other hand, THC products or other medical marijuana affects the mood and creates the same sense when a person intake recreational marijuana.

For you to understand CBD further, let us talk about its meaning, and how it differs from other similar drugs or medicines.


CBD – The Real Meaning

CBD or Cannabidiol comes from cannabis Sativa – which is the same plant used for creating recreational marijuana. But its compounds are over 100 chemicals, where the experts and medical experts derived the medicines or drugs they invent. Each compound has various qualities that lessen the symptoms or effects of health problems.

Today, its legality in different countries is still unsure. In US states and countries, they accept CBD or other medical marijuana to treat health illnesses. Nonetheless, other federal government even decline the CBD for medicinal treatments.

There is another variation of the cannabis plant – which we called hemp. It contains 0.3 THC, so the law allows its usage to several materials like clothes, building materials, papers, and more.

The same with CBD, it comes with the hemp plant with a minimal amount of THC, that is why it does not have psychogenic effects on the consumer.


Back Pain – The Leading Cause of Disability

You came across to this article since you might have been experiencing excruciating pain from your back. If so, you find a place that can answer your questions. It is common in the lower or upper back, depending on the real cause of the pain.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), back pain – especially to the lower part – is the leading cause of disability. That is why it is vital to keep a healthy posture and maintain a healthy body to avoid any back-pain complications.

The good news is that you can do something by using CBD oil for back pain to reduce discomfort. You can also do some home remedies and other body mechanics to avoid further problems in the future.

What Causes Back Pain?

CBD Oil for Back Pain

The causes of back pain depend on the affected person. If the back pain lasted not more than six weeks, it might be due to falling or heavy lifting without back support. But if the pain lasted for more than three months, that is what you called chronic back pain, and you probably need a medical professional.

Most of the time, back pain just happens coincidentally without knowing the real cause. A health professional or a doctor might need to run a test or scan your back condition through an x-ray. Back pain happens when you have arthritis, osteoporosis, bulging or ruptured disks, muscle or ligament strain, and skeletal irregularities.

What are The Other Scenarios That Trigger Back Pain?

There might be underlying causes based on your lifestyle if you do not experience one of these causes. For example, if you are overweight, you are also putting extra weight and stress on your lower back. Also, if you are not fond of exercising, your lower back’s and abdomen’s muscles might turn into back pain.

It is essential to move your body once in a while. Other diseases can also contribute to pain. Take note that improper lifting can cause back pain and even hurt your spine. When lifting heavy material, you can ask for somebody’s help or do the right posture.

Make sure that the box or heavy material is close to your body. Do a squat where you bend your knees and hips. Lift it while straightening your legs. Another note to remember is that keep your body straight when lifting. Never bend or twist your body.

Another cause that triggers back pain is depression or anxiety. As you read further, you will learn that CBD oil for back pain can reduce mental health or psychological problem. If that is the case, Cannabidiol has the best component to fight back pain and reduce the consequences.

Smoking can also trigger back pain since it blocks the blood flow to the body, especially to the lower spine. As you grow older, back pain can be more imminent. You can prevent that from happening when you have an active lifestyle.


What to Do Next?

So, how will you know if your back pain is something worse than usual? You might feel excruciating pain when you recline your back, even for a little. When you bend, stretch, lift, or walk, your back would be more painful than before. Other symptoms could be a shooting or stabbing sensation on your back, and you often feel a muscle ache.

If you feel one of these symptoms, you probably need some medications or treatments as soon as possible. Do not wait for your back pain to worsen. Acting now could be your lifesaver and prevent you from health consequences.

CBD for oil back pain is one of the solutions. However, if you feel something lies behind the pain, it is best to consult your doctor or ask for immediate action. One of the things you need to watch out is back pain with bowel or bladder problems, fever, and sudden falling.

Another thing to consider for consulting a doctor is when you experience a sudden weight loss, the pain from the back extends to your knee, or if you feel numbness or tingling from your legs.


CBD Oil for Back Pain

CBD Oil for Back Pain

According to the Russo EB, CBD can reduce back pain with its anti-inflammatory components. It helps the sleep cycle of a person, soothes, and combats mental health issues triggered by a lack of sleep.

When an individual suffers from chronic back pain for a long time, anxiety might take over. Cannabidiol combats stress, which brings peace of mind. Some researches claimed that the effect of CBD depends on how a person perceives or tolerates the pain.

However, a lot of studies suggested that they also bring comfort and relaxation to affected persons. It means that the treatment is not just for the apparent pain but also the overall health of an individual.


Other Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Scott Shannon, Nicole Lewis, Heather Lee, and Shannon Hughes studied the effect of Cannabidiol in anxiety and sleep. From the context of their research, they found out that CBD does not trigger a “high” or alter consciousness. Therefore, it stays on a safe side and possible to use for other treatments.

Since 2018, FDA approved a CBD-derived medicine called Epidiolex. It is the only drug of a kind accepted by the FDA. But with those improvements, it shows great potential for future medical advances. Professionals have proved that CBD can cure even the most difficult symptoms of Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. From that year forward, more researchers became more curious about the effect of Cannabidiol on a person.


The Benefits of CBD Oil for Back Pain

1. CBD oil comes with anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the back-pain causes is inflammation. If you have arthritis or osteoporosis, the pain might get worse for a longer run. Frankly speaking, you will find several over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. However, many consumers find various side effects that cause more problems on their ends.

Some side effects are dizziness, thinning of blood, stomach burns, stomach ulcers, and a lot more. Although it shows an excellent result to reduce back pain, it just comes back when the medicine’s effect takes off.

That is why it is not ideal for taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs every time pain comes back again. So, having a more natural alternative would be better. You also avoid the harmful consequences caused by taking synthetic drugs.

The only matter about CBD is that other researchers are still doubtful about its possible effect. Thankfully, more health professionals proved its benefits for treating symptoms of autism, epilepsy, and other neurodevelopmental health illnesses.


2. CBD oil is a natural painkiller.

Like other over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, synthetic painkillers have a side effect that might worsen other health conditions. Most of the time, you will feel stinging or stabbing sensation when you are experiencing back pain.

If the back pain lasts for more than three months, imagine the excruciating pain one might feel. Synthetic painkiller drugs can also cause harm to individuals with chronic diseases and neuropathic back pain. Moreover, when your body gets immunity with the drugs, the second intake might not be as adequate as the first one.

As a result, people who are dependent on analgesics tend to look for a higher dosage. Over-dosage can also cause problems in livers and kidneys. With the recent studies, it clearly showed that CBD triggers the alpha3 glycine receptors. In return, it regulates the pain giving comfort to a person.


3. CBD does not develop tolerance.

Unlike synthetic drugs, CBD does not make a person develop tolerance while taking medicine. An individual does not need to double the dosage the next time pain comes back. Furthermore, CBD has no psychoactive side effects, making a person high or alter consciousness.


4. CBD Prevents Inter vertebral Disk Degeneration

The inter vertebral disk works as the cushion of each of the vertebrae from your spinal column. It is the shock absorber to prevent damages on the nerves running through the middle of your spine. When you have a ruptured disk, you might experience excruciating pain.

However, in some cases, people with a ruptured disk does not feel anything. That is more dangerous than with backaches since the person is oblivious of what is happening inside the body. Putting a CBD oil on your back near your spine can ease the pain. At the same time, taking the CBD supplement can prevent other health issues related to Inter vertebral Disk Degeneration.


5. CBD is a great stress-reliever and heals insomnia.

CBD is a proven medicine that helps psychological and neurodevelopmental problems. If that is possible with that type of health cases, it is also possible with sleeping issues. It comes with the properties that soothe the person’s feeling.

If you feel the burnout after a stressful week of work, CBD oil will reduce the negative energies coming within you. Moreover, a lot of studies confirmed that a lack of sleep and stress could trigger back pain. Many patients with chronic back pain have insomnia or experience burn out.

One of the preventive measures you can do is through using CBD oil to improve your sleep. Not just that, it helps to prevent anxiety and mental disorders. Lack of sleep triggers depression. So, Cannabidiol can help to avoid further damages that will affect you in the long run.


The Key Takeaways

Overall, CBD has excellent benefits for the consumer. Although we need more studies to prove its effect to all types of people, the results in experiments show positive effects, especially to those with chronic back pains.

Beware, though, a lot of CBD oil products are circulating the market without stating its real THC percentage. CBD products with more THC components can cause a different effect – or rather – cause harmful effects to an individual.

It is best to consult your doctor first before taking CBD products from companies without credibility. Nonetheless, CBD oil for back pain can affect you positively. It will also give you a healthy life you are aiming for, without aches, back pain, and health issues.


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