CBD Oil for Gout: Let’s Find How It Can Ease Your Life

CBD Oil for Gout: Let’s Find How It Can Ease Your Life

CBD Oil for Gout

Gout is called “Disease of Kingsfor good reasons. Over one hundred years, gout is proven to be associated with the overindulgence of rich food, which only wealthy people can afford. That is why it is called Disease of Kings. Statistics show that 4% of the world population is suffering from gout, but in no way, does this disease make you feel like a king. It’s a no brainer, yeah? Historical figures like Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and King Henry VIII suffered from gout, too. Read up on the facts about CBD oil for Gout.

Without any further ado, let’s explore what gout is and how CBD oil can be used for its treatment.

What is Gout and How Can You Use CBD Oil for Treatment

CBD Oil for Gout

Gout is a of complex arthritis, and many people use CBD oil to treat gout. It is caused by the buildup of the uric acid in your joints. Initial symptoms of gout include intense pain and instant swelling; even the slightest pressure causes severe and unbearable pain. The problem is you won’t be able to realize whether you have gout or not because its symptoms usually develop without any warning. Although every joint in your body is susceptible to gout, it often occurs in the large joint of the big toe. Other joints in your body that are affected include elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, and fingers.

What Are Researchers Saying About Gout?

Research reveals that gout patients bear a tremendous burden but adding CBD oil in their daily life can help you get rid of it. Gout Education Society shows that it is one of the severe forms of inflammatory arthritis, but only 1 in 3 patients get the proper treatment to avoid any complication and future flare ups. If gout remains untreated, it can lead to permanent tissue, joint, or bone damage. In addition, gout can cause other serious health problems.

Today, more than 8.3 million people in America suffer from gout. The number of gout patients increases continuously, and the older you get, the higher the chance that you will get gout.

As mentioned above, gout is caused due to the uric acid crystals that usually build up in the joints. However, new research shows that it is due to the high frequency of blood pressure and obesity too.

  • 4 in 10 people say that gout has severely affected their lifestyle, and they have started using CBD oil for treatment
  • out of 1 in 4 states that gout controls his or her life
  • one in four feels gout is the challenging struggle they have in their life
  • 1 in 4 frequently take leaves from work due to gout related issues

What Are the Causes of Gout?

CBD Oil for Gout

Some people claim they develop gout following an illness or severe injury that causes intense pain in parts of the body. Including CBD oil at an early stage can help you avoid the severity of gout. Sometimes, the pain might appear in the knee or ankle. Before you experience continuous pain, you will experience on and off pain discomfort in all other joints in the body. As mentioned earlier, gout usually gets started at a single joint, but it affects all other joints if it is left untreated. The initial severity of the pain may lessen over time, but it becomes more constant. As a result, lumps of crystal occur from the uric acid, but the whole process is painless unless it gets severe.

Gout is also associated with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Uric acid levels are also increasing in Americans. The continuous crystallization of the uric acid triggers inflammatory arthritis that causes severe pain and swelling. Statistics show that during the past 20 years, the increased uric acid has affected 43.3 million adults in American.

According to biological evidence, this arthritis disease is highly associated with metabolic syndrome. If you are a medical professional, you are familiar with metabolic syndrome. If you are not a medical professional, metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that includes high blood pressure, obesity, insulin resistance, blood fat issues, diabetes, and risk of a heart attack. People with growing hypertension and obesity are prone to gout. Make sure you include CBD oil to avoid gout. So, if you are suffering from any of these health problems, please take precautions to get rid of them and have a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the ways that can help you get rid of gout.

How to Avoid Gout

Including CBD oil during the early stages of gout can help you avoid complications. In fact, here are some other ways that can help too.

Regular Exercise Routine

A consistent exercise route can help your joints stay flexible and durable. Every single day you should focus on doing moderate level exercise, including stretches, cycling, swimming, and walking. Water aerobics is a great option too.

Physical Activity

If you can’t hit the gym every single day, it is essential to stay physically active to help fight any diabetic, kidney, or cardiac conditions. It activates your brain and body and helps you reduce your blood pressure. You might like to join a tai chi or yoga class to experience the ultimate Zen moment.

Lose Weight

If you burn some calories every single day, it will help you reduce pressure on the joints. It also ensures the stabilization of hormone imbalances and improves your overall immune system.

How Gout is Diagnosed

As a first step, you should always consult your healthcare professional on whether you have gout and if so, can you use CBD oil for it. Your doctor will look into your medical history, do a blood test, and examine the affected joints. Explain everything to your doctor, including the severity of your pain, and the timeline. Let him know if you have been on medications during the time you were suffering from gout. He may ask for the MRI, CT, ultrasound, or X-ray to rule out any other problems.

Don’t panic if your blood test shows a high level of uric acid. It does not necessarily translate into gout. The only way to find whether you have gout or not is to remove the fluid from the affected joint and examine the part under a microscope for Uric Acid crystals.

Treatment of Gout

If the doctor diagnoses gout, he/she may choose a specific treatment plan for you. Your treatment may depend upon the severity and the stage of it. Although you cannot avoid gout after, medications can help you decrease the severity of the goat by lowering the uric acid levels. As a result, it also brings down inflammation. In addition, you can also change your lifestyle to avoid chronic suffering from gout. When you change your lifestyle, your immune system is strong enough to remove uric acid and prevents the pain caused by gout.

Historically, CBD oil has been used as a natural remedy for gout. Your physician might also recommend you limit seafood, organ meats, fruit sugars, alcoholic beverages, and red meat. If you stay hydrated and keep a balanced body weight, you can avoid risks of gout and lower your pain.

Although some people take medications as a first step to avoid gout, recently, CBD oil has become a prominent remedy to treat gout. Apart from that, Mayo Clinic recommends the following medicines for gout:

You can use medications like naproxen sodium (Aleve), ibuprofen, and other OTC non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Prescription NSAIDs that includes celecoxib or indomethacin
  • Corticosteroids
  • Colchicine
  • CBD oil for gout

While gout can be avoided by treating all the associated problems, you can also minimize the risk by eating smart and following a strict diet pattern. However, recently, CBD oil has been famous for treating gout.

CBD oil for Gout – How it Works

There is limited scientific evidence available regarding the relationship between gout and CBD oil, but you will find substantial studies that reveal the use of CBD oil for arthritis management. Plus, CBD oil has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it one of the most reliable treatments for gout.

The exact manner in which CBD oil treats gout is unclear. However, case studies show it can treat gout without any substantial side effects. It reduces the inflammation that affects the smooth muscle system. Considering CBD’s history of effectiveness and absence of the side effects, CBD oil is a go-to therapy for many gut problems.


How Frequently Should I Take CBD Oil for Gout?

CBD comes in a variety of forms, including oil, pressed pills, and gummies. If you don’t feel like using them, you can try CBD topicals, many people find relief from them. Simply apply it to the joint where you feel the pain and discomfort. In addition, be sure to cleanse your skin before application and massage thoroughly to promote deeper absorption. As a general rule, you should start small unless you see some positive changes. Once you notice positive results, then you can increase it slowly.


  • Start with no more than 20-25mg per day
  • Take 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of your body weight
  • Checkout the dosage that usually comes with the packaging of the CBD products

Are There Any Side Effects?

If you are trying out CBD for the first time, it’s reasonable to be concerned about your safety and if it has any side effects. However, CBD has no psychoactive effects, and all CBD products are safe to take without getting high (Just be sure to choose without THC.) Some side effects might include upset stomach and drowsiness. Although, they are uncommon and mild.

CBD is a go if you are looking for the most suitable treatment for gout. If you are already using medications, consult your doctor to make it part of your overall treatment plan.

How Do I Choose the Right CBD Oil for Gout?

Once you are convinced about using CBD, it’s time to find out how to choose the best product and better yet understand how it works. CBD oil for gout is extracted from hemp plants, which belong to the close species of a marijuana plant. Although CBD is one of the hundreds of components of marijuana, and it has earned a lot of attention in the media lately due to the federal and state laws, it does not cause a high. In fact, this attention has led to increased production of the CBD oils and other related items.

CBD can be used in manufacturing products like oils, lotions, and tinctures once it’s extracted from cannabis or hemp. CBD oil is one of the most popular products, and you add it to your food, drinks, vape pens, you can take it sublingual. The high concentrations of CBD create an uplifting and soothing effect, but it’s not the same thing as high.

Is CBD Oil for Gout Safe as A Long-term treatment?

Yes, it is safe, but a few of the side effects of CBD include irritability, fatigue, and nausea.

Do you or anyone in your family have gout? Ask them to check out CBD oil! However, make sure they consult a physician for proper use and make sure there are no interactions with current medications.

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