CBD oil in Tennessee, Is it legal?

CBD oil in Tennessee

CBD oil in Tennessee

The use of CBD is paramount everywhere. It has been used in edibles when smoking or vaping. CBD oil is gotten from the hemp plant and is infused or diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Essential oils should not be mixed with CBD and taken as it can make you sick. In this article we will discuss CBD oil in Tennessee.

CBD is a type of cannabinoid, one of the at least 113 compounds found in marijuana. It does not induce the euphoric effect that is typically felt when marijuana or cannabis is taken. CBD has been used medically to treat various conditions both in children and adults.

You should note that CBD oil can make you sick. It can make you confused, especially if the ingredients have been tempered with and mixed with other things (sometimes, these other ingredients aren’t even stated). It is advised that before purchasing the CBD oil, you confirm that your vendor is authorized. This is recommended for your safety.


What is the difference between CBD oil made from hemp and the CBD oil made from marijuana?

CBD oil in Tennessee

CBD oil made from hemp has a higher concentration of CBD and a lower concentration of THC, which cannot exceed the statutory 0.3%. CBD oil gotten from marijuana has a higher level of THC, and this can induce a high effect. Only CBD oil obtained from the hemp is legal in Tennessee. Marijuana is illegal, and so are its by-products.


Is CBD oil legal in Tennessee?

CBD oil is legal in Tennessee. Hurray! It is great to see that the law is gradually becoming flexible on its rules. You can’t necessarily blame them for putting a ban or criminalizing the use of some substances as people tend to abuse them when they are not being watched.

Governor Bill Haslam signed the Senate bill 280 in 2015. This bill legalized the use of marijuana as a medical drug that can be used to treat ailments such as epilepsy, but at this time, it was still illegal to sell it. You were required to come with a medical permit for it to be sold to you outside of the state.

The hemp farming act of 2018 legalized the use and sale of CBD oil so far as the level of THC in it was below or at 0.3%. This act removed hemp from the list of illegally controlled substances.

The hemp plant has been used over the years as a medicinal plant, and it has undergone rigorous scientific studies and observations to make sure that these findings weren’t just myths but were backed up by scientific facts and studies.

If your CBD oil is hemp driven, you can purchase it and use it legally within the state. CBD oil, which contains between 0.3% and 0.6% of THC, is considered legal in the state.

Recreational marijuana or cannabis is still illegal, and you are punishable under the law for possession of it. You are liable to pay a fine of almost three hundred dollars as well as spending a year in jail. Selling of recreational marijuana is also prohibited and is punishable by the law.


Can the CBD oil get me high?

THC is a compound in marijuana that is responsible for the euphoric effect that is felt when it is taken. It is informally known as the “high effect.” CBD oil contains only about 0.3% of THC, and so cannot get you high at all if you are worried that taking an overdose will make you high rest assured that the only thing that you will suffer from taking an overdose is temporary confusion, diarrhea, and fatigue.


Where can I get the CBD oil legally in Tennessee?

CBD oil can be gotten almost anywhere, whether online or in stores. The FDA does not regulate who can and cannot sell the CBD oil. You have to be careful of shady sellers who are known for spiking their oil with a high level of THC, especially if you are just looking for the CBD oil for a medical condition. You have to be meticulous in selecting a vendor. Other than that, it is legal to purchase the CBD oil from any store, dispensary, or online store. However, it is better to walk into a store to buy the oil as you can examine it yourself and have it returned when you notice an anomaly.



Can I grow the hemp or cannabis plants legally?

You will need a license if you’re looking to grow hemp on your farm. Although buying and selling of the CBD oils are legal in Tennessee, only licensed sellers are permitted to produce it. This is because even though it is allowed to use the CBD oil, the government is still trying to regulate the use of it so that people don’t end up abusing it.

License holders are required to submit periodic crop testing to assure the government that they are not growing hemp plants with above 0.3% of THC in it.

If you had also previously gotten your license in 2019, you would have to get a new license in June 2020.

In 2015, only forty-four people were awarded the license to grow the hemp plant from which CBD was extracted from. In 2017 seventy-nine grants were awarded, and the numbers kept going up. As of November 2019, it has been reported than about 3,800 licenses have been assigned, and currently, Tennessee accounts for about ten percent of hemp grown in the USA. It is legal to build a hemp farm as long as you have a license.


What is the CBD oil used for?

CBD oil in Tennessee

CBD oil is used to treat a variety of ailments. Doctors recommend the oil to their patients when they see the need to. Note that this is notably different from prescribing it to them. This is because CBD oil is not an FDA approved drug that can pass off as a prescription for patients. Hence, it can only be recommended by doctors to their patients.

Some of the conditions being treated with CBD oil include:

  1. Acne
  2. Inflammation
  3. Seizures
  4. Insomnia
  5. Liver disease
  6. Kidney disease
  7. ADHD
  8. Rheumatism
  9. Schizophrenia
  10. Arthritis
  11. HIV
  12. PTSD
  13. Depression
  14. Diabetes
  15. Stress

And a host of other conditions. If you want to purchase CBD oil with about 0.9% of THC, you have to be enrolled under the state’s marijuana program, and even then, you can’t buy it for use within the state.


Will traces of the CBD oil show up in my drug test?

Although very rare, CBD oil can show up in your drug test, but there is nothing to be worried about as it is not classified as an illegal drug in the state of Tennessee.


How can I administer the CBD oil?

CBD oil in Tennessee

The CBD oil is administered in the following ways

  1. Smoking or vaping: CBD oil can be smoked or vaped as it goes straight to your lungs and bloodstreams. This is very good for people who have always been smokers as it does not require them to learn new methods of using it, especially if they are accustomed to smoking it.


  1. Topical treatments: You can apply the CBD oil to areas that you want to by gently massaging it in. This works especially if you have headaches, migraines, and pains. All you have to do is rub it in generous amounts.


  1. Sublingual application: Put a few drops under your tongue, wait for about two minutes before swallowing. This is especially important if you want long-lasting effects. You use the oil every day to build it into your system to enjoy the benefits.


  1. Added to edibles: You can add the oil to your food, pastries. As earlier stated, you won’t get high from it. The only downside to this method of application is that it takes a longer time to work when compared to the other methods of application.


How old do I have to be to purchase CBD oil?

You have to be at least 21 years of age to be able to purchase the CBD oil in Tennessee. This is a policy of the state to protect its users from overusing it and thereby abusing it. Guardians, however, can purchase it as long as they are in charge of administering the drug in the right dosage to minors. If kids aren’t watched when using the oil, it could make them sick.


Thoughts about the use of CBD oil

The south is much slower when it comes to the legalization of CBD when compared to the north. It is, however, pleasant to note that there has been relative progress in the use of CBD oil in the state. Times are changing, and so are the rules. We are definitely in the hope that the laws that are put in place will be favorable to the users of medical marijuana, cannabis, or hemp.

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