CBD OIL ON PENIS, Does it Work?



CBD oil has always been channeled to be useful in treating inflammation and side effect from other diseases. However, discoveries have made it known that it can also help treat erectile dysfunction in men. This and many other concerns about CBD are still in debate. While we keep wondering how effective it is to the Penis, let us take time to do research. I would not tell you how effective it is because the result is far from the conclusion. Please keep reading for CBD OIL ON PENIS, Does it Work?


With so many studies surrounding the research, it may be challenging to place conclusive evidence. A recent study carried out shows that frequent cannabis used reduces men’s sex drive. Another study shows that marijuana helps treat men with erectile dysfunction. Interesting right! We will get to know that soon.

Well, with many testimonies wavering around the internet, you could say there is a possibility of it working for erectile disorder. Recently a friend of mine says, “Hey, look at what I got from a pharmaceutical store. They say it enlarges the Penis and also increases libido” well, I could not say, but first, check what was made of it. Guess what I found? It contained a cannabis oil with some other products. Well, I did not get to ask him for the rest of the story.

Many adults have begun using CBD oil for their sex life. However, CBD without THC can be used for this purpose, according to testimonies. But you can choose to use both if you want to be stoned and, at the same time, get your erectile disorder solved.

Just note, there is no scientific evidence backing this up. Right here in this article, we will get to tell what we know about CBD and erectile disorder. Also, for penis enlargement.



How CBD works in the body might not be a noticeable thing in the eyes, but the effect can somehow be seen. To understand better, let us have a flashback to how scientists view CBD and endocannabinoid systems. There is an interaction between the CBD and the endocannabinoid system. An endocannabinoid is a group of chemical substance present in the body that resembles those present in cannabis. The essence of the endocannabinoid system is to regulate the body. Inside, the system holds two receptors. These receptors are like locks that can activate critical responses in the body. This includes unlocking some functions necessary for healing erectile dysfunction and increasing blood flow to your Penis. So, using CBD oil on Penis could help improve your sexual urge.





If CBD oil helps in erectile dysfunction is still a date among researchers. Current research published in the New York Academy of Science found endocannabinoid systems present in the testicles and other sexual reproductive systems in humans. This is a one-step forward in finding how CBD oil on Penis is effective.

Another research was conducted in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. The study reported that regular use of CBD decreases libido in men. The often you use, the more you lower your sex drive.

There is a contrary belief between scientists in the use of CBD. Most people do not see what is being researched by scientists. How it works after being used is what matters.


Other research shows that CBD products help to reduce anxiety, thereby increasing your sex drive. Many people buy this idea because of the claim that feeling of worry during sex may hinder your performance. In fact, I have heard a couple of friends say the more you reduce your anxiety, the better you perform in bed. How true is this? We do not know. So far so good, no scientific evidence to back this up.

Another journal in Neurotherapeutic shows that CBD reduces anxiety, especially social phobia. The research cases are limited, and no practical evidence to back this up. However, so many testimonies from musicians have proven this to be effective. Many musicians are found taking marijuana, and they claim it helps them in meditation and stage performance. This could be true as the psychoactive substance present in cannabis could help reduce anxiety.

Scientists have not proven how this works in the Penis. However, you could be seeing some products in pharmaceutical stores that help in your sex drive. Right now, we can not base it on any proven evidence.



Sexual problems are not diseases, even though they could have been as a result of untreated disease. However, many people seem to ask if CBD oil could help in sexual malfunction. Yes, the possibility is high, even though it is not proven. CBD oil on Penis could be as a result of using CBD for a sexual disorder. Here is what we know how CBD oil can help your sexual life.

CBD For Low Sex Drive: Many theories are surrounding the use of CBD to improve sex drive. However, this could be true. Scientists believe that CBD can activate some parts of one’s brain that gives an urge for sex. Many people have seen how effective this was in their life. Meanwhile, I have seen testimonies from people on how CBD activates sexual arouser in minutes after ingestion.

More Concerns:

CBD For Erectile Dysfunction: For so many years, marijuana and other CBD products have been effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Even though there is no empirical evidence to this, according to individual claims, it has been helpful so far. The way CBD works in treating erectile dysfunction is yet understood. Several studies are surrounding this, as it helps relax the blood vessels and promote blood flow. However, all of these studies were focused on the blood flow to the heart from the arteries and not to the Penis. Doctors have conducted no test, but it is believed to be helpful in blood circulation around the groin.

CBD Oil for Lubrication: Painful sex is what most women experience. Well, there CBD oil in pharmaceutical shops that will help in your sexual performance and relieve pain. CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect that could help you enjoy sex more.

Monday, June 1, 2020, two duos in Australia launched a product in Shank Tank Panel called “Vialis.” A solution made from CBD products that can help kill erectile dysfunction. However, the pills have gained significant market value in the last 5 minutes after it was launched. The capsule is expected to assist in

  • Bigger lasting erection,
  • Maximize pleasure and intensified orgasm\
  • Ramps up stamina and staying powerful
  • Increase sexual confidence
  • Experience vitality and peak performance
  • The surge in sex drive and energy

However, there have been some negative and positive recommendations for the product on amazon. We cannot ascertain the effectiveness of the drugs as claimed. You could try to check it out on Amazon.



You use CBD in different ways to improve your sex life. However, there is so much research ongoing and could bring new ways in which CBD can be incorporated into our lives. However, this is what you need to know about CBD oil on Penis.

  • You can use CBD edibles a few minutes or hours before sex to promote pleasure to your partner
  • You can as well use it to massage your Penis
  • On women with dryness and painful sex, you can use CBD oil to lubricate before sex to enhance pleasure
  • You can also take CBD oil before sex to reduce anxiety and improve blood circulation around your groin





The use of marijuana and other hemp-related drugs is still under reform in so many countries. The usage of CBD is still under investigation. Moreover, since there is no empirical evidence of the effectiveness and side effects, it will remain under investigation. The FDA, who is the regulatory body of food and drugs, are still investigating the side effect of this drug in treating erectile disorder so as other diseases. The use of CBD oil on Penis still need to be looked in properly both by scientists and FDA

Currently, the only approved drug by the FDA from CBD is Epidiolex. Cannabis drugs used in the treatment of epilepsy. It is best to check your state and local laws regarding CBD to see if it can be legally used.



If you intend to use CBD oil on Penis or for your sexual life, consider when is the perfect time to use it before making love with your partner. CBD does not just kick-in immediately after taking it. You need to give it some time. However, it is estimated to be taken 30-60 minutes before making love. This is to enable it to circulate properly in the bloodstream for better results.



In using CBD oil on Penis, it is difficult to tell you the right dose to take. This is because humans are built differently and with different body systems. What works for your friend might not work for you. However, it is expected you start slow and steady. Take a little today, wait to see if there is an improvement. If there is not, then increase by a bit of dose. Continue with this process until you find the right treatment that meets your body system.



You can find various CBD medicines in almost any health shop. Either you are in a country where marijuana is legalized or not. That does not stop CBD oil from being sold. You can also find CBD oil online or from direct distributors. However, be cautious about the product you buy. If you buy the right product, you can benefit from CBD oil healing properties. A fake product renders you hopeless and put you in doubt.

Before you yell-out on getting a fake product, make sure you are using it right. You can never get the satisfaction you want if you miss out your dose or do not stick to your recommended

Since CBD products for erectile dysfunction are available in most shops, it is always best to seek your seller/doctor’s advice regarding the usage. We have a couple of specialists in sexual disorder who can recommend the CBD product to buy. These people can help you figure out how CBD works in the body. They can as well profile a better solution to your sexual health challenges. Even so, provide where you can get the original CBD oil product.



The society has clinched to the idea of sexual satisfaction, and the need to be prosperous as a man in the bedroom needs to be fulfilled. Sounds funny right, yes that is true because it becomes a thing of worry when things are not going as expected between you and your partner. CBD oil on Penis may have given you the solution you desire, but clinical tests still need to be performed on the use of the products. However, testimonies from individuals have proven the effectiveness of CBD oil in erectile dysfunction. There are so many claims also on the internet that it can help increase the size of the Penis. The evidence on this so far. The internet and shops are circulating with both positive and negative reviews on the product. Some people say it works perfectly well for them, while others say it is a total mess.

With further research, we can conclude that it will give us a stable product that best meets the public needs. However, this does not stop you from giving it a try if you want to but seek your doctor’s advice first.


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