CBD Oil South Carolina, Is it legal?

CBD Oil South Carolina

CBD Oil South Carolina

CBD is a massive top in society today. In fact, there are so many products being made with CBD, it is hard to keep track of them all. CBD is becoming popular because many people are realizing they can have managing their illnesses without the harsh side effects related to prescribed medications. Many questions are coming to light about CBD. Questions like, CBD oil and South Carolina, is it legal?

In fact, have you ever taken medication and came to realize the medication is not worth taking?That the side effects are worse than the actually illness? In addition, sometimes you have to take the medications for a long time and the side effects never go away. However, even though CBD does have some minor side effects, many have stated they do dissipate after a while. In addition, CBD works with our body. How your body reacts to it is according to how your body is made up.

One of the main questions asked so far today is What is CBD oil? In fact, to totally understand CBD, you must first learn what it is. Let us cover that concept first.


What is CBD Oil?CBD Oil South Carolina

CBD is a chemical compound that is extracted from the hemp part of the Cannabis Sativa Plant. This chemical compound is all natural and contains little to no THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is the chemical compound found in CBD and marijuana. In fact, some people get confused on the difference between CBD and Marijuana. Let us clarify that now. Marijuana contains high levels of CBD and comes from a different part of the Cannabis Sativa Plant. Marijuana produces a “high feeling” and can cause impairment problems in some people. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why marijuana is still illegal in most states. CBD, comes from only the flower part of the hemp plant. Cannabindiol, which is the correct name for CBD, contains little to no THC. In fact, for CBD to be legal, it can only contain up to 0.3% THC.


There are two types of CBD. First, Full spectrum contains up to 0.3% of THC. In addition, since it does contain THC, there will be some side effects present for most people. In addition, some studies have shown that full spectrum does have a slim chance of showing up on a drug test. However, since CBD is legal in all 50 states, you only have to prove to your employer that you have been taking Full spectrum CBD. In fact, you can even ask your healthcare provider for tips on avoiding this. Also, you need to start Full spectrum at a low dose and slowly add more to your usage. This way you can see how the side effects react to your body.

Secondly, CBD comes in an isolated form. The isolated form of CBD oil contains ZERO THC. In fact, scientists recommend this oil for people who have a huge reaction to Full spectrum CBD. This isolated from has little to no side effects. It has been suggested that this form does not show up on a drug test unless specifically being tested for. In addition, most people claim they don’t feel stressed out taking the isolated version. The reason being, they don’t have to worry about the harsh side effects.


What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD Oil South Carolina

As stated above, one type of CBD contains little to no side effects. However, for some people, it is possible. Most of these side effects are for the full spectrum type of CBD oil. In addition, some people may experience these side effects, but that does not mean you will. How a side effect reacts to your body is totally according to how your biochemistry is made up. One person may experience extreme drowsiness while you may not experience any. How your body reacts to these side effects is consisted of many factors. If you do experience some of these side effects, such as drowsiness, take before bed time. Here is a list of the most common side effects of CBD.

Side Effects:

  • Dizziness – Although many experienced this side effect, it seemed to disappear after the body got used to a new substance being introduced.
  • Dry mouth – This side effects seems to be the most common. Researchers claim the reason why we feel dry mouth after taking CBD is because it changes the way our saliva is secreted. In addition, many said this side effect does fade with time.
  • Drowsiness – This is also one of the most common side effects. However, it does go away. You just need to keep in mind, you body is trying to adjust to something new being introduced to it.
  • Nausea – Some people are sensitive to CBD. Nausea can occur. However, this has also been reported to disappear after a certain amount of time taking CBD.
  • Changes in Appetite – This side effect can go hand in hand with nausea. Being nauseous can make you feel like you do not want to eat. In addition, CBD is also known for helping with weight loss. It can make you feel full and may help stop with cravings you may be having.

Is CBD Legal in All States?


CBD is legal in all states. However, there are some restrictions that apply to it be legal. Most states have implemented bi-laws to go with the original law that has claimed it to be legal. In fact, before you even start to do CBD, do research. It is always a good idea to research your state laws and bi-laws before starting something of this caliber. You do not want to think you are right and start doing CBD and figure out you were wrong the whole. There are legal consequences that can follow with being wrong. In fact, in some states, you can use CBD for all products. However, it is illegal to add it to food and drinks. In addition, in some states, they have no restrictions as long as the THC content is less than 0.3%. State laws and bi-laws can be quite confusing.

If you have questions about your state laws and bi-laws, please be advised you can check your states government websites. In fact, it will supply a list of names and email address of anyone you would need to get in contact with about these laws. Unquestionably, you can also do your own internet research. However, you need to compare what people are saying so you know you are getting factual information.


CBD Oil South Carolina, Is it Legal?

To answer CBD oil South Carolina, is it legal is two sided. CBD is legal in South Carolina. However, keep in mind, the THC level has to be under 0.3% THC to be legal. If it is over this, the product is illegal. In fact, the higher the level the more illegal it gets. The higher level CBD is actually considered marijuana, which is illegal in most states. CBD can be used in all products as long as it follows all the laws and bi laws outlined in the state. If you have questions which laws might affect you taking CBD, look on your state website. Many people are learning to make product themselves. However, you would still need to check to make sure it is legal to make these products in South Carolina.

My thoughts are, if i was making products and the law says it can’t be added to food and drinks, does this include all edibles, such as gummies? If you are making products and are wondering the same thing, you would want to do some research on that. You want to follow all the legal guidelines. This includes if you are making the products and shipping them to other states. Since the product originates in one state and goes to another, it has to follow both state laws. There is so much legality that must be followed and can be quite confusing.



Conclusion About CBD Oil South Carolina


Unquestionably, CBD is a big deal now days. However, why is it a big deal? With all the research I did, the only conclusion i can come up with is the benefits of it. CBD is all natural and provides very little side effects. In fact, even if you do experience side effects, they are just minor. Who would not want to take something all natural compared to harsh pharmaceutical drugs? However, before you decide if CBD is right for you, do your research. In fact, I cannot stress this enough. For me, comparative research is the best. You may find the information you are looking for, but is it factual? If you look at 10 different site for the same questions, you compare who says what. In addition, always look for government sponsored websites first. Government websites are always factual.

There are many websites and books you can buy available today. For me, reading first hand the case studies and scientific research is the best. I like figuring out how the side effects work and why they effect certain people. Below, I have provided a list of resources you may want to read to conduct your own research. Happy researching!

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