CBD Oil Wisconsin. Is it legal?

CBD Oil Wisconsin

CBD Oil Wisconsin

Thinking that all there is to cannabis is the intoxicating effects it has on people shows that you don’t know so much about cannabis. A lot of people only know tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the euphoric experience people have when they take cannabis. However, there is another active compound in the cannabis plant called cannabinoid (CBD). This compound, unlike THC, has therapeutic effects. In this article, we will cover everything about CBD oil Wisconsin.

Its therapeutic effect has been getting a lot of attention in the U.S. It has been proven that CBD products can cure diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, intractable epilepsy, etc. However, issues surrounding the legality of the use of this substance have always reared its ugly heads. Hence, many people want to be sure that they are not doing anything wrong when they use these products. If you are a resident of Wisconsin who needs an answer in this regard, you are reading the right article.

Why You Will Find It Difficult to Get CBD Oil in Wisconsin

There is no doubt that CBD oil is popular in Wisconsin. However, that does not mean that you will find it easy to purchase CBD products in the state. This difficulty is due to the close relationship it has with marijuana. The government of the state is wary of people abusing cannabis. Hence, there are restrictions as regards the sale and use of these products.

CBD oil is extracted from the same plant where marijuana is extracted. Marijuana is illegal in the state, and that somewhat affects the legality of CBD oil too. The state only allows the use of CBD oil-based on the doctor’s recommendation. Many people still have the notion that CBD oil is marijuana. Hence, it makes it difficult to have access to the best CBD products in Wisconsin.

The Journey of The Legality of CBD Oil in Wisconsin

Hemp has a long and exciting history in Wisconsin. There have been different twists and turns along the way. It is difficult to imagine it at the moment, but hemp used to be widely grown in the state. This was the situation up until 1908.

However, things started changing, and the last company that grew it commercially in the U.S. folded in 1958. After the World Wars, the country-imposed restrictions on the cultivation and use of the plant. These restrictions sent the hemp industry to its grave in the U.S. In 2014; things changed a little bit when a new law legalized the use of CBD oil. However, it was authorized for only people who have seizure disorders.

This new law stipulated that only doctors are allowed to prescribe it after the federal government made it legal. The state passed the law, but it was not in effect because CBD was still considered illegal federally. It was in 2017 that the law was amended. Based on the amendment, the condition that it will be prescribed after the federal government legalizes it was removed. Hence, doctors are now allowed to recommend CBD products for patients with seizure disorders.


The Current Situation

CBD Oil Wisconsin

The legality of hemp in Wisconsin took a new turn in 2018. This is because the federal government legalized hemp in the U.S. that year. Hence, in theory, the government has permitted all the products derived from the plant to be used nationwide. However, residents of Wisconsin were still apprehensive. This was because the state still stood on its policy of allowing the use of CBD products based on doctors’ recommendations.

However, in the same year, Attorney General Brad Schimel announced that farmers producing the plant would no longer be punished. He made this announcement on behalf of the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The decision was made after the Attorney General had a meeting with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. State lawmakers, Consumer Protection, and the state Department of Agriculture were also present in the meeting.

Hence, the good news at the moment is that residents of the state will no longer be persecuted for consuming, selling, and buying CBD products. Farmers in the state can now cultivate the plant without fear. Besides, anyone who wants to experience the health benefits of using CBD products can now do so without any legal issue.

Can Doctors in Wisconsin Prescribe CBD Oil?

CBD Oil Wisconsin

The safest and legal way to get CBD products in Wisconsin is through doctors’ recommendations. Doctors do not prescribe CBD products in Wisconsin because the FDA does not approve it. However, they can recommend it for patients in severe conditions. Doctors recommend CBD products to patients by issuing a written certification by the state to the patient.

However, it is essential to note that only doctors licensed by the state can issue this written certification. These doctors have their names in the state’s physician registry. Every written certification is only valid for a year.

Difficulties Encountered in Growing Your Own CBD Oil

It is logical to expect that there will be many people growing hemp and extracting CBD oil in the state. However, this is far from the truth. Many people would have loved to do this, but there are a couple of challenges that make this problematic. These challenges scupper the plans of people to take advantage of the legality of CBD products in the state.

The first challenge is difficulty in obtaining viable seeds for high CBD plants. What is readily available are hemp seeds that are sold as food supplements. These seeds cannot grow because they are sterile. Besides, farmers who grow help are not often willing to give or sell the seeds to people who are not growing hemp on a large scale.

Another issue is that high CBD marijuana is not regarded as one of the best sources of CBD oil. It does not contain sufficient CBD. Besides, you will have to go through the process of removing the THC. Many people end up discouraged by the stress of having to get the plant material and extract the CBD oil. Hence, most people will instead buy CBD products from a reputable dealer rather than grow the plant themselves.

More facts:

Growing the plant and extracting CBD oil from it can also be problematic because of the law of the state. Although the Attorney General advises law enforcement agencies not to persecute people, the risk is still there. The law of the state has not expressly said that people could cultivate, possess, and use CBD products. Hence, there is always the likelihood of being arrested for using CBD products without obtaining authorization from the government.

Besides, it is difficult to measure the amount of CBD present in your homemade CBD oil. Most people cannot afford the equipment needed to carry out the measurement. Without this equipment, it will be challenging to ascertain whether your CBD oil has enough CBD to offer you health benefits. Therefore, most people in the state will instead buy from a trusted company rather than produce it by themselves.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

Logically, you have realized by now that growing your own CBD oil is not such a great idea. If you want to produce the oil for your consumption, you will most likely get discouraged by the stress involved. Hence, purchasing from established and trusted companies is your best bet for getting CBD products.

Many people in Wisconsin are aware of the health benefits of using CBD oil. The fact that several shops are popping up around the state that sells CBD products tells the story. There are many locations in the state where residents are permitted to buy various CBD products. However, you have to be double sure that these traditional shops sell something quality.

You can buy CBD products online in Wisconsin. There are many manufacturers and distributors online who are ready to bring these products right to your doorstep. Although some people are wary of buying CBD products online, it represents a great option to get these products. You will have many opportunities to pick from, and you can go for a company that has the pedigree of selling top-quality products.

You can choose to buy in small quantities or buy on a large scale from online outlets. Excellent online outlets stock high-quality products and are willing to ship it to your door at an affordable price. Hence, just find one or a traditional dealer, and you will be happy you did.


CBD oil has many medicinal benefits, and the government of Wisconsin reckons with that. Hence, they have permitted state-licensed physicians to recommend CBD products to patients. The body language of the government reflects permission to cultivate and use CBD products. The statement of the Attorney General reflects this.

However, the law of the state does not give express permission to the cultivation, possession, and use of CBD products. Hence, you can use CBD products as a resident of the state. However, you should be discrete about the way you go about it. You can buy these products from various traditional and online outlets in the state.

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