Dabbing CBD, Do you know what it is?

Dabbing CBD

Dabbing CBD

It is no secret that CBD oil over the last few years has taken the interest of many researchers. It is known through various documented studies the ways at which CBD helps illnesses like anxiety and depression, among many others. This includes, dabbing CBD.

But some individuals suffer from the most severe cases. These individuals have tried the traditional method with CBD oil, and the results are only minimal. Some others don’t have severe anxiety, but due to their body chemistry also receive only minimal effects from CBD oil.

There is another method of ingestion that is flooding the news, CBD dabbing. This method has more potency for CBD administration to give a valid result in the quickest time frame possible.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing CBD

Dabbing is a method of ingesting marijuana. It involves the vaporization (or sublimation) of highly concentrated cannabis in the form of waxes and resins.

Unlike the regular bods from the cannabis flower, which contain only about 30% of cannabinoid levels, concentrates are known to be much more effective because they provide as much as 90% cannabinoid levels.

CBD is a cannabinoid that does not attach itself to the brain receptors, meaning that you won’t get high, has been used with this method of dabbing to help people manage and curb several illnesses in the fastest way possible.


Why dab CBD?


Low bio availability is a significant factor associated with other forms of CBD ingestion. These different forms are very easy to use, yet when it comes to comparing effectiveness and speed, dabbing takes the lead.

When you swallow a CBD oil-based capsule, the molecule contains only about 5-10% of the active compound that gives the desired effect—causing you to take more dosage of the pill till you reach your required amount. Also, once it is ingested, it might take about 90 minutes before the compound kicks in.

Dabbing is a more concentrated way of inhaling CBD as compared to the traditional vaporization method. In dabbing, you get the dose more potently and directly into your system.

Inhaling CBD concentrates would have you take in about 50% of the active compound needed for the desired effect. Once inhaled, it takes only about 5 minutes to act, giving you nearly instant relief. For people with severe cases, this could be a real lifesaver.

In as much as dabbing is very useful, it has some of its downsides. For one, inhaling vaporized CBD is not readily as accessible as other products like edibles and oils. Also, the lasting effect time of inhaling is usually about 2-3hours, unlike other products that last as long as 7 hours.


What are CBD Concentrates?

Dabbing CBD

These are marijuana, or hemp-derived cannabis products, gotten from an extraction process that enables cannabinoids to be retained while removing terpenes and other undesirable plant matter.


CBD concentrates and THC concentrates are extracted similarly. Meaning that CBD concentrates could come in various textures; some could suit your needs more than others.


Examples of CBD Concentrate Products?


Many of the THC concentrate textures are also available for the CBD concentrate. Below are some of these concentrate textures:


CBD Isolate:

This is a concentrate that comes in a crystalline solid or powdered form. It contains 99% pure CBD. After the extraction process that removes an active cannabis compound is done to a cannabis plant, whatever is left of the plant is taken through a refinement process that eliminates THC and other Phytocannabinoids. This delivers the purest CBD form available.


CBD Extract:

This concentrate, unlike CBD isolate, contains cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant. This concentrate should be winterized to remove fat and other matter before it can be dabbed, to avoid inhaling them.



A CBD isolate that has been combined with liquid terpenes after its extraction process is called a Terpsolate.



It is created by infusing terpenes to CBD isolate slabs. It comes in a shattered form.



For this concentrate, after the extraction process has occurred, the oil is purged, creating a substance with a crumbly consistency. It would have a malleable texture and would tend to break apart when handled.



These are concentrated with a sticky, waxy form. Wax concentrates can be obtained from both the isolate extraction method and the full-spectrum extraction method. Both methods of extraction can be used to get TCH and CBD concentrates.


With different concentrate product types available, you have more control over your dabbing experience. Some people choose a concentrate product preferentially over the other. Possible reasons could be because:


  • The full-spectrum extraction has an entourage effect while the Isolate extraction does not.
  • CBD isolate can be added to other types of combustibles
  • The inclusion of Terpenes can get a varied flavor
  • Ease of use when dabbing


CBD concentrates can be dabbed alone or with THC marijuana extract. Some members of the cannabis community claim to experience a different sensation of high when CBD and THC concentrate are combined.

Their concentrates are sometimes added to the plant for smoking or vaporizing.


Can you dab CBD oil?

CBD oils are products that often come in tincture form. They are most usually combined with carrier oils.

It should be noted that you cannot dab CBD oil. Dabbing involves a concentrate, and as mentioned earlier, concentrates come in the forms of wax, shatters, resins, etc. But not oils. Still, CBD oils should not be added to concentrates because they may have added ingredients that might not be designed for heat.


What tools do you need for dabbing?

Tools for dabbing come in various features of functionality, aesthetics, and price; you could go for a pricey high-tech device or get a simple, cheaper option. The choice is yours.

For this article, though, the type of tools used for dabbing would be narrowed down to the two most popular tools to vaporize concentrates, The wax vaporizer and dab rigs.


Wax Vaporizers

Wax pens, dab pens, and dab vapes are all various names used to describe these electronic dabbing devices. The underlying mechanism of this device is that coil (battery-powered) is heated up and used to vaporize your concentrate, which you then inhale.

All wax pens have similar components, and they are:

  • A battery: This is connected to the heating element.
  • The coil: It comes in various forms, including quartz with as much as four coil ceramic discs. It is powered by the battery to create heat.
  • The mouthpiece: Comes in different forms, from a simple screw-on to a large glass water pipe attachment
  • The dabber A small metal wand used to place the concentrate in the coil cylinder..

Vaporizers come in various forms, and you are sure to find every possible kind to suit your preferential desires. From minimalist pens that take only concentrates to glass dab rigs that can vaporize both flowers and concentrates.

Dab Rig

The dab rig keeps evolving every day, but still, some standard tools are used in a dab session:

  • A glass water pipe that functions similar to that of a bong
  • The nail, which is usually made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz and is the piece that is heated to vaporize the concentrate.
  • A dome is used to trap the vapor from escaping, placed on top of the nail when the concentrate is in its vapor form. Not all rigs require domes, an e-nail could be used instead, but it would require a bigger budget.
  • A blow torch is what heats the nail. A lighter won’t be effective.
  • The dabber is a wand made from glass, metal, or ceramic. It is used to place the concentrate into the heated nail.

How to Dab CBD

Dabbing CBD

The act of dabbing is quite simple. Still, it would require practice to understand the process thoroughly. The temperature you use to vaporize the concentrate is an essential factor when dabbing.

If the heat is too low, the concentrate won’t vaporize, and if it is too hot, the concentrate will combust. 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended ideal temperature for dabbing. If you go higher than this, you begin to boil out the terpenes of the plant.

One to two rice grain-sized pieces is the average size of a dose. Your first step would be to get the concentrate out and get the dose divided.


With a Wax pen

Add the divided concentrate to the chamber, assemble it, and turn on the device. A push-button is used in simpler pens to heat the element. You’ll want to hold down on the button as you inhale, don’t rush the drags, slow puffs and then work your way up to a more in-depth inhale. Try not to inhale too deep, so the concentrate doesn’t burn. Larger vaporizers give the advantage of being able to set the temperatures before the session and wait till it heats up, similar to a traditional dab rig. When you inhale, hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling.

With a Dab Rig

In using a dab rig, you have to make sure you have all the equipment set out. It is more complicated than using a wax pen. You need to keep the space clear because you would be working with hot materials and fire.

Once your concentrate is ready, heat the nail to the appropriate temperature using an e-mail or a torch. A general rule would be to heat the nail for about 20 seconds then waiting a minute before adding the concentrate. You don’t have to make the nail red hot.

Use your dabber to get the concentrate ready after heating the nail. With the dabber running around the nail after you’ve dropped the concentrate into it, inhale the vaporized contents of your concentrate. If you are more experienced, you can hit that rig in one big whiff, but if not, go slowly. If you don’t finish all the content at once, you might want to cover the nail to prevent the vapor from escaping. You can always come back to inhale what’s left of the hit.

The process gets more comfortable as you get familiar with dubbing. It may take some time to get the required concentrate or dosage to meet your needs, but once that happens, you get to enjoy the unique compound that is CBD and join the fellow ranked members of the cannabis community.



Like we noted earlier, dabbing allows the consumption of cannabis (whether it’s THC or CBD-rich) at higher potency than usual. As such, if you are taking a CBD oil (or other CBD products) and are seeing results, there is no need to increase your dosage by dabbing. The only people who should do so are those who do not experience changes from standard oil tinctures.

When you dab CBD or another cannabis concentrate, it is advised that you start with one hit, and then progress from there. Like we mentioned before, dabbing is very potent and is different from smoking and taking CBD oil. Its effects can catch you off guard if you don’t prepare yourself.

On the off chance, if you are experiencing variable degrees of agony, nervousness, sorrow, sleeping disorder, or some other scope of a clinical test, and not had accomplishment with sublingual CBD oils at this point, maybe dabbing CBD might be an answer for you.

In any case, it is critical to comprehend that dabbing is not the slightest bit a “prescribed” clinical dose (especially for pregnant women or old people), or even a recognized clinical utilization strategy. It’s strongly suggested that you talk to a doctor about your condition. Assuming there is any chance of this happening, and that you assume full liability and carefulness on the off chance that you do choose to have a go at spotting CBD for torment, nervousness, or some other disease.

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