Is CBD Legal in Missouri? or is it Illegal?

Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

If you have been keeping up on the news and social media, you have heard and read the hype about CBD products. Today, there are so many products being made from CBD. In fact, many people are turning to CBD as an alternative to their medications. However, you should always check with your caregiver to make sure CBD is right for you. In addition, people are making the choice to turn to CBD because it is all natural. CBD lacks the harsh side effects that pharmaceutical drugs can cause. In fact, many people have been known to state, the harsh side effects are worse than the actual health issue. Unquestionably, this raises questions such as Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

Are you one of those people who have bad reactions to the icky side effects of medications? Are you wondering more about CBD products? Do you live in Missouri or other states and are wondering is CBD legal in Missouri and these other states? Look no further. This article will explain and hopefully answer any questions you may have on these topics. However, first lets outline the main question asked so more people understand CBD.


What is CBD?

Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

Cannabinoids, which is the proper term for CBD, is a chemical compound derived from the flower parts of the hemp plant. Producers specifically use these certain parts of the plant to make CBD because they contain less THC than the rest of the plant. The rest of the plant contains high levels of THC, which is considered marijuana. Marijuana is illegal in most states because of the impairment problems the high levels of THC can cause. In fact, because of the state laws against THC, CBD comes in two different types.

First, the most popular type of CBD is the Isolated form. This form contains ZERO THC. In fact, many people buy this form because they are sensitive to THC and don’t want to risk having strong reactions to it. People who aren’t sensitive to THC do not have to use this type. However, many do because they don’t have to worry about it showing up on a drug test or making them sleepy. If you are sensitive to THC, you will know it. Scientists recommend when first start CBD, always start with a low dose and slowly add in more until you feel comfortable.

Secondly, the other type of CBD is full spectrum based. This means it contains some THC. However, for this type of CBD to be legal, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. In fact, full spectrum THC does produce some side effects because of the THC. In addition, people sensitive to the full spectrum may feel a severe feeling of sedation. However, most side effects are just minor and seem to pass as your body gets used to the CBD product.


What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

Even though CBD is an all natural substance, there are still some side effects caused from CBD. The list is small and all are minor side effects. However, as stated above, most have said the side effects tend to go away after a certain amount of time. In fact, some people get over the side effects within a couple of weeks. It all depends on how the biochemistry of your body is made up. The small list of side effects is:

  • Dry mouth – CBD changes how our saliva is secreted and goes away after your body gets used to the change.
  • Dizziness – Only a small percentage of tested people reported this side effect as being a problem. Many take CBD right before bed to avoid this issue.
  • Change of Appetite – CBD is said to help with weight loss because it helps stop cravings and over eating. However, it can make you feel bloated as your body is getting used it. In fact, i don’t really see this side effect as a problem unless you have an eating disorder and shouldn’t lose weight.

More Side Effects:

  • Fatigue – This was the most commonly reported problem. However, you need to keep in mind, with any foreign substance introduced into your body, it needs time to get used it. In addition, this problems disappears for most after a certain period of time.
  • Diarrhea – This side effect was reported by many. However, those people also reported their body usually has this affect when new things are introduced into their daily regiment. In fact, most of these side effects depends on how sensitive your body is.

You may experience some or all of these side effects. However, you may not experience any at all. In fact, you just need to remember to give your body time to adjust to the new substance being introduced. Full spectrum CBD will most likely have a few of these side effects. However, the isolated version may not have any at all. Since Isolated does not contain any THC, there are fewer side effects related to that type. It is always recommended, no matter what type you take, to start low and slowly add more into your dose. In fact, if you are worried about the side effects and what is the right dose for you, talk to your healthcare provider. They are there to answer any health questions you may have. If they don’t know the right answer, they will lead you in the right direction.


Is CBD Legal In All States?

The answer to this question is complex. In all states CBD is legal. However, there are restrictions on it being legal. Some states ban CBD used in certain ways, which will make it illegal if you do use it as the restriction advises not to. In fact, many states have added Bi-laws to their CBD state laws. For example, in some states, you cannot use CBD to add to food or drinks. However, in some states you can add to food and drinks. In addition, some states allow you to add it to everything. It is always best to check with your state laws and bi-laws before attempting to use CBD or create products with CBD. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are unsure where to find your state laws and bi-laws, you can always look on your government websites. In fact, they usually supply a list of names and emails of people for you to contact with questions. In addition, you can do you own internet research on this type of thing. However, I suggest you do comparative research as there is a lot of false information floating around on the internet these days. I always compare 4 or 5 websites with each other to see if the information matches up. In addition, the government hosts many websites with CBD information that is available for the public.


Is CBD Legal In Missouri

This question is not an easy one to answer. Federal law made CBD legal in all states. However, Missouri has created its own law that suggests you to have a hemp card to be able to use CBD products. In fact, they go as far as to suggest you need a doctors permission. If Missouri would try to prosecute someone who is caught using CBD without permission or a card, the chances of them winning is very slim. In fact, federal trumps state laws. However, to keep the chances down, always check the Missouri state laws and bi – laws as they are changing everyday.

In addition, keep in mind, the only legal CBD in all states contain less than 0.3% THC. If the product is over this amount, it is definitely illegal. In fact, check your labels and always buy from trust vendors as you don’t want to be caught up in legal action.



Have you noticed that no matter what information you are looking for, it can be found on the internet? In fact, the internet is such a good source to find information. You can find it from the comfort of your own home. However, I will caution on believing all information you find on the internet. In fact, always make sure the website you are on is a reliable source. If you don’t think it is reliable, you can always do comparative research to see what everyone else is saying about the subject. Especially about tricky questions like is CBD legal in Missouri.

In addition, if you do decide to start using CBD or are already using CBD, always buy from a trust person. You can figure out if they are trust worthy or not by reading their reviews. In fact, most people will leave a bad review if the product is not pure or if it is lacking what is needed. Some vendors claim they have CBD in their products when in fact, they do not. Always do your research and choose wisely!

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