Is CBD Oil Legal In Kansas? or is it Illegal?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Kansas?

Is CBD Oil Legal In Kansas?

Are you part of the big hype going around? The big hype I am referring to is the use of CBD products. Many people are added to this hype everyday. In fact, everyone is finding out that CBD is an all natural substance that can replace those pharmaceutical drugs that cause harsh side affects. In addition, anyone who is starting out CBD products or is an experienced user will have questions. Many of these questions have answers that are easy to find. However, some of these answers need prior research before they can be factually answered. For example, Some people have asked Is CBD oil legal in Kansas? In order to answer this question, lets look at few things that help explain this answer.



What is CBD Oil ?

What is CBD oil? This is one of the top asked questions when pertaining to CBD products. People hear of the great benefits of CBD and sometimes CBD isn’t really explained. CBD is a chemical compound that is extracted from the hemp flower part of the Cannabis Sativa L Plant. This part of the plant is used in CBD products because it contains little to no THC and is considered a natural alternative to all kind of medications we take today. CBD Oil producers only use certain parts of the plant so the CBD is pure and is THC limited. In fact, in order to make it THC limited, they can only use the parts of the hemp plant. The rest of the plant contains higher levels of THC, which is considered marijuana.

Producers go through a painstakingly slow process of extracting the chemical compound from the right area of the plant. If they did not, they would get too much THC instead of just the chemical compound of CBD. In order for CBD products to be legal, they have to contain less than 0.3% THC. For this reason, there a couple different types of CBD. First, Isolated CBD is a form of CBD that contains ZERO THC. This type is good for users who are very sensitive to THC.

More Facts:

People who are sensitive to THC normally have a more powerful reaction to the THC and CBD products. In fact, if someone who is not sensitive to THC uses a CBD product, they might not feel hardly anything. However, a person who is sensitive and takes the same amount as the other person, may have a huge reaction. For example, it could make them really sedate.

Secondly, another type is Full spectrum CBD. I do not recommend this type for people who are sensitive to THC. In fact, this type contains 0.3% THC. THC is the chemical compound found in marijuana that produces the high feeling. This high feeling can cause impairment in some people. For this reason, marijuana is still illegal in most states. However, CBD products are legal as long as they contain 0.3 or less THC. This is where questions like is CBD oil legal in Kansas come into play.


I am Interested in CBD Products, What Forms Do They Come in?

Is CBD Oil Legal In Kansas?

CBD products come in a variety of forms. Which form you use is really up to the preference of the user. Some forms are easier to use than others. In addition, some are more discreet. Below, i will list the most common forms used. Keep in mind, each form has a different amount of time needed to start working in your body. As stated above, if you are sensitive to THC, make sure you do your research and you pick a form that is in the isolated form.

  • Tinctures/oils – This is the most common form used for scientific studies and different case studies. In fact, this is one of the quickest acting forms. You use a dropper to apply the oil under the tongue. In fact, after you add the drops under the tongue, the small blood vessels absorb the CBD.
  • Pills/Capsules – CBD pills and capsules look the same as any other pill or capsule. However, the difference is, they are infused with CBD oil. You take them the same way you do any other pill. In fact, if I find the more water you drink with them, the less chances you have of it bothering your stomach. This is a good way to get your daily dose of CBD oil as long as you can remember to take it.
  • Patches – CBD patches are much like the nicotine patches. They are discreetly hidden under your clothing. You can apply them to just about anywhere on your body. However, you need to keep in mind patches are designed to space out the intake of CBD. Patches can sometimes takes 4 to 6 hours to get the full effect of CBD through out your body.

More Forms:

  • CBD Teas – CBD teas are tea leaves that are soaked in CBD oil and than dried out. You drink this type of tea just like you do with any other tea. In addition, this method takes a little longer to start working in your body as your body needs to digest the CBD first. However, if you are like me and have many sleeping problems, drinking this before bed helps you get some sleep.
  • Cigarettes – These are just like the tobacco filled cigarettes only they are filled with leaves soaked in CBD oil. These kind of cigarettes are all natural and are not harmful like tobacco cigarettes. In addition, these cigarettes can help you stop smoking. You still go through the motions of smoking with these. It tricks your body into thinking you are still smoking tobacco filled ones.
  • Lollipops – This version is edible. However, remember with most edible CBD products, they take a little longer to ingest. Lollipops, however, are one of the quickest edibles to be absorbed. In fact, when you suck on a lollipop and you put it in your cheek, the small blood vessels absorb the CBD. Undoubtedly, this kind of CBD product does look like candy. In fact, keep this out of reach of children.
  • Gummies – Gummies is another CBD edible. However, this type of edible does not absorb as fast as the lollipops. In fact, the product must reach your stomach and be digested before the CBD actually starts to work. As with the lollipops, this product does look like candy. In fact, small children will not know the difference.


Is CBD Legal in All States?

Is CBD Oil Legal In Kansas?This question is a little tricky to answer. CBD products that contain less than 0.3% are legal in all states. However, these products have to be produced from certain types of hemp and can only be used a certain way. Each state have laws that pertain to CBD. As you cross state lines, be aware of how each new state treats CBD. Some states allow you to use CBD and their products in the forms they come in. However, some states have bi-laws that say you cannot add CBD to food or drinks. You should always check a states bi-laws pertaining to CBD because they can have many restrictions you might not know about.

If you are curious where you can find these answers, almost every state has an online governmental website. You can find names and email addresses of people who can steer you in the right direction. You can even do your own research on the internet. Many websites about CBD are readily available today. However, you should always do comparative research to make sure you are given factual information. In addition, there are tons of government sponsored websites on CBD, which all information is factual.


Is CBD Oil Legal in Kansas?

The answer to this question of is CBD oil legal in Kansas, is yes. However, the CBD must contain ZERO THC. This law was passed in 2018. In fact, in 2018, Kansas legalized all CBD products as long as they are THC free. In fact, the Kansas bi-laws that came out in 2019, state that all industrialized hemp products that contain less than 0.3% THC are legal. There is a very fine line between being THC free and a low amount of THC. In fact, some vendors are trying to sneak a little more THC into their product. Some are even trying to say it contains THC when it really doesn’t. However, in this case, it is always best to use your judgement. I would suggest doing your research before buying from any vendor.




Even though CBD is quite a popular topic in the world today, the buying and legality of it all can be quite confusing. As stated above, you should always do comparative research to make sure you are getting the right information. In fact, if i find a website i like and i want to make sure all their information is factual, I will find their list of resources. I will read through the resources and find the information myself and compare it with what i have learned. For me, i rather spend time doing the research than think i am right and do something illegal. The bottom line is, always trust your gut and take time to prove it to yourself.

In addition, if you are trying to find out if CBD is legal in a certain state, always check the bi-laws. Just because you read that CBD products are legal, doesn’t mean there aren’t restrictions on being legal. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you would like to find out where i got my factual information, please check out these resources.

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