Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

Do you listen to the raido? Do you have a social media account? If so, you must be reading and hearing about the promotions of CBD oil and products. In fact, my social media page is flooded with videos and articles about CBD oil. I’m a very curious person. In addition, this made me wonder, why are so many people interested in CBD oil and CBD products? In fact, I did what any curious person would do, I started researching CBD. However, the more information I found about CBD, the more confused I became. Why was I confused? There is so much information available on the internet today. However, not all of this information is factual. As I was researching: Is CBD oil legal in Oklahoma, I received several conflicting answers.

In fact, the knowledge that I was receiving so many conflicting answers, made me want to find out more. I started doing some comparative research. I would pull up about 10 websites and compare what each one had to say about CBD. In fact, some claim it is safe, others claim it is not. However, as i was reading these conflicting stories, i realized, the government has to have some kind of data posted about CBD. Guess what? The government does in fact have all kinds of articles posted about CBD. In addition, there are several case studies and scientific researches posted about CBD.

If you find information about CBD on a website, and you want to see if it is factual or not, check government sponsored sites. In fact, chances are they have some kind of scientific trial ran and have results about these trials.


What is CBD and Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

CBD is an all natural chemical compound that is derived from the flower part of the hemp plant. In fact, this compound is extracted from very specific areas of the Cannabis Sativa Plant. Producers have to be very careful what part of the plant they are supplying to CBD vendors. In fact, certain parts of the plant cannot be used for CBD. The flower part of the hemp plant is used for CBD because it contains less than 0.3% of THC. THC is the chemical compound found in marijuana that causes you to feel like you are “high”. In fact, this impairment is why marijuana is still illegal in most states.

CBD is an all natural ingredient that is being used to help manage certain kinds of health conditions. Many are turning to CBD and trying to get away from pharmaceutical drugs due to their harsh side effects. In fact, many have stated they feel putting up with the harsh side effects are worse than actually dealing with the illness. I can understand that. In fact, I take thyroid medicine which makes me feel nauseous and icky all day. I rather have something that is all natural and does not make me feel this way. I am a very skeptical person and reading all of this does not make me believe all the information given. However, It does make me want to try it myself and find out if all the hype about CBD is true. In fact, you never know unless you try, right?


What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

In all the research that I have concluded about CBD, I have found several listed benefits everyone agrees upon. These benefits are said to help manage these health conditions. CBD is not a cure all. It is not a miracle cure. CBD can be used with most of the medications you are already taking or it can be taken alone. It all depends on how your body is made up. In fact, always talk to your healthcare provider before you start anything new. You want to make sure CBD does not interact with any medications you are already taking. Here is a list of commonly known benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory – CBD is considered a natural inflammatory and is good to help manage health conditions such as arthritis. Many people suffer from arthritis and are using CBD as a natural alternative to help control it.
  • Anti-Seizure – CBD may help control seizures caused from certain health conditions, such as epilepsy. However, from all the studies I could find, most are taking CBD with their epilepsy medications.
  • Acne care – In many cases, CBD was said to help manage acne. It stopped new cases of acne from appearing and help with the swelling that can be caused from acne.
  • Cancer – Some are claiming CBD helps with shrinking the invasive cells caused by cancer.

More Benefits:

  • Lowers Blood Pressure – This is a benefit and a side effect. If you have high blood pressure, this would be great to lower your blood pressure into normal ranges. However, if you already suffer from lower blood pressure and you want to take CBD, you will need to monitor your blood pressure regularly.
  • Anxiety and Depression – CBD may help with having fewer anxiety attacks. Studies show CBD attaches to the receptors which send messages to the brain. This helps manage anxiety. Most of the time, if you have fewer anxiety attacks, you will have less depression episodes. Anxiety and Depression go hand in hand.
  • Pain reducer – Many people are turning to CBD for a natural pain reducer. In fact, people who suffer from Fibromyalgia, migraines, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome turn to CBD to help manage the pain caused from these health conditions.


Is CBD Legal in All States?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

This answer is hard to give an exact answer to. The answer is yes, but it is more complicated than that. CBD is legal in all states. However, many states have added Bi-laws to the original law of making it legal. In addition, each state is different. Every state has their own laws and Bi-laws. It is always best to check which state you are wondering about. In addition, if you are a vendor and want to sell to another state, you have to make sure you are following both sets of laws. In fact, this means, you have to following the laws where the product is coming from and the laws where the product is going. If not, this could possibly get you into some legal trouble. This brings up questions on the next topic below.


Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

Throughout all my research, I did not find any kind of law stating it was not legal. The only law I found was as any other state. The CBD has to contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal. In fact, this is the reason why there are two types of CBD.

Type one:

Full Spectrum CBD – This type does contain small amounts of THC. However, the amount is within legal limits. THC can produce side effects. In fact, if you choose this type, it is suggested you start with low doses and slowly add to it daily until you get to a comfortable dose. Only you can decide what is your comfortable point. In addition, timing is important in taking this type. You would not want to have your side effects appear while you are at work, especially the drowsiness. THC can make you feel sedate. However, it affects each person differently.

Type Two:

Isolated CBD – Isolated CBD contains ZERO THC. It very rarely produces side effects since there is no THC. This type is good for people who are sensitive to THC and have harsher side effects than others. In fact, many people who work often take this type. This way, they don’t have to experience the side effects while at work. In addition, it has been said you don’t have to worry about the isolated version showing up on a drug test. However, if they are specifically looking for CBD it will show up, just not on a normal drug or urine test.


Conclusion of Is CBD Oil Legal In Oklahoma

As stated above, there is tons of information floating around on the internet about CBD. However, the problem is, how do you tell which information is right? Unquestionably, there are many ways you can figure this out. However, for me, I like to do comparative research. I will pull up many websites and compare what each one is saying to all the others. If more is saying one thing, i will then look it up on other sites. If all else fells, you can look up on government websites for results. In fact, I always try to find case studies done for the questions I am trying to answer. Undoubtedly, this is time consuming. It may not be for everyone.

In addition, each state has it own website with laws and bi-laws. In fact, they usually have a list of names with emails provided so you can email and ask questions. It always better to ask questions even if you think you know the answers. Especially with a topic such as CBD. There is a lot of legality issues that are involved with CBD. In fact, it’s always better to play it safe!

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