Kentucky CBD, Is it legal or illegal?

Kentucky CBD

Kentucky CBD

Are you interested in CBD and are you from Kentucky? Do you have questions about Kentucky CBD? Or are you just doing research because you have heard they hype about CBD products? Either way you are looking in the right place. CBD is a very hot topic in the world today. Is it stated to be all natural and helps manage several kinds of health conditions. I have read over several different types of case studies and research pages to figure out exactly what CBD and what it does. In fact, i will share some of this information with you later in the the article!

Cannabidiol, which is the long form of CBD, has started to be known as a natural alternative to take prescribed medications. Some people are turning to CBD because it doesn’t have the harsh side effects that pharmaceutical drugs do. In fact, some people are totally getting rid of their medications to take CBD. Some are adding CBD to the medications they are already taking.

It all depends on the person’s preference and reactions to CBD. However, i would advise, before you start taking CBD, always talk to your healthcare provider to make sure it does not interact with any of the other medications you are taking. In fact, Let’s talk about the first thing that needs to be covered. What actually is CBD?


What is CBD?

Kentucky CBD

CBD is a natural chemical compound that is extracted from the flower part of the hemp plant. This plant comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Producers only use certain parts of the plant to produce CBD. In fact, the other parts of the plant contain too much THC to be considered CBD. Marijuana is the part of the plant that contains high levels of THC and cause impairment problems. In fact, this reason is why marijuana is still legal in most states.

Producers use the flower parts of the hemp plant. Sometimes, they will even use the stalks of the flowers. For CBD to be legal in the United States, it has to contain a certain amount of THC. In fact, it can’t contain anymore than that or it will be considered something different than CBD and will be illegal. You should always do your research to make sure what you are taking is actually CBD. You can read reviews from other customers and see if they are happy with the products. In addition, you can look a businesses profile up online to make sure they are selling a pure substance.

CBD has many benefits. However, it also comes with some side effects. These side effects are minor compared to the side effects of prescribed medications. In fact, for this very reason, CBD comes in two types.


  • Full Spectrum CBD – Full spectrum CBD does contain small amounts of THC. However, the amounts are low and are within the legal limit. In fact, full spectrum contains 0.3% or less THC. In addition, since it does contain THC, there are some minor side effects associated with Full spectrum CBD. Some people cannot take full spectrum because they are sensitive to THC. In fact, if you decide full spectrum is what you prefer, you should start at a low dose and slowly increase the dose to see how well you handle the side effects.


  • Isolated CBD – This type of CBD contains 0% THC. In fact, this type is best for people who are sensitive to the side effects of THC. In fact, some people claim they haven’t experienced any side effects with the isolated version of CBD. However, some may still feel some minor side effects just because their body is getting used to a foreign substance. It all depends on how your body is chemically made up.

People often take the Isolated version over the full spectrum because research shows isolated version has less of a chance to show up on urine and drug tests. In addition, the isolated version does not make them feel sedate and sleepy at work. In fact, being sedate and sleepy at work can cause issues within your work atmosphere. It is always best to try CBD out to see how it makes you feel before you decide on taking it.


What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

Kentucky CBD

As stated above, there are some minor side effects that have been noted in research and case studies. It is a very small list and some have been known to go away after a certain amount of time. However, don’t be discouraged about this side effects. Most are ones that can be experienced from even just taking a Tylenol. In fact, below is a list of the most common side effects reported. However, keep in mind, CBD reacts differently to everyone. You may experience some of these side effects or none at all. You may even experience one that is not listed.

  • Dry Mouth – Reports show that CBD causes dry mouth for just about everyone. In fact, did you know CBD can change how our saliva is secreted? For this reason, we feel a dry mouth until our body gets used to the CBD. This side effect is noted to disappear after a certain amount of time on CBD.
  • Change of Appetite – CBD has been known to help with weight loss. It helps suppress the appetite and stop bad cravings. In fact, for me, this doesn’t seem like such a bad side effect unless you don’t need to loose weight.

More Side Effects:

  • Dizziness – Dizziness has been reported on at least 50% of all case studies. However, keep in mind, this is your bodies way of trying to get used to any substance being introduced to it. This effect has been reported to go away after a certain amount of time.
  • Nausea – Some people get nauseous from taking CBD, but only at first. As their body adjusts to the new compound, the nausea goes away. In fact, some case studies suggest most cases went away after two weeks. If nausea is a problem you experience, it is best to take the CBD before bed.
  • Sleepy –  CBD can cause people to feel sleepy. However, keep in mind, most of these people are taking the full spectrum version of CBD. Only a few people who take the isolated version has experienced this side effect. As stated above, it all depends on how our body is chemically made up. If you are experiencing this issue, taking a bedtime would be a great option for you.


Is CBD Legal in All States?

The answer to this question is a little complicated. In fact, CBD is legal in all states. However, there are restrictions to it being legal. See why it is so complicated? Each state has a law which makes CBD legal. However, under these laws, they have Bi-laws. In fact, all the states have laws that say CBD is legal as long as it is under 0.3% THC. However, some states also have bi-laws which state CBD can be used to make products, but cannot be added to food or drink.

If you are looking for answers on the laws of a certain state, my suggest is go to your states website. In fact, on the state website, they supply a list of names and emails you can use to contact the person who can answer the questions you have. In addition, if they do not have the answers, they will lead you to the person who will. You can also do some comparative research to see if you can find the answers on your own. However, keep in mind, not all information on the internet today is factual. In fact, try to find websites that are trust websites. Government based websites are the best to get factual information from. This brings up questions like Kentucky CBD, is it legal?

Kentucky CBD, Is it Legal?

As stated above, CBD is legal in all states. However, the important part is check the bi-laws of the state. In fact, in Kentucky, the bi-laws state no single person can produce or grow hemp unless they have a license. Unquestionably, the hemp has to be an industrial type hemp. In fact, this hemp can be used to make all products. I didn’t find a restriction on adding it to food or drink. This is good for producers and vendors in Kentucky because they can do more with their product.

If you have questions about Kentucky CBD, look on the Kentucky state website. You can even look on the Kentucky agriculture website. There are tons of forums and information listed for CBD. If you cannot find it there, you will have to contact someone or do some research of your own.


Conclusion on Kentucky CBD

CBD is a huge subject in the world today. How do you know what information is correct and what is not? In fact, for me to start something new such as CBD, i need to know all the facts. What does it do for me? What are the side effects? Can it cause harm? All these questions need answered. I always do research when i am starting something new. In fact, comparative research is the best for me. However, it is very time consuming and some people may not have all this time. That is where people like me come in. We do all the research for you and post it in articles such as this. In fact, I will list some of my resources below for you to check out yourself. Happy reading!

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