Utah CBD Laws, What are they?

Utah CBD Laws

Utah CBD Laws

Do you know your state laws when it comes to buying and selling CBD? Or do you know the state laws when it pertains to making CBD products? Unquestionably, many states have added their bi-laws to the federal guidelines of making CBD legal. However, before we start talking about Utah CBD laws, lets talk about CBD itself. Do you know what CBD is or where it comes from? All this CBD stuff is still new to me. In fact, I only became curious because I kept hearing about it on the radio and seeing it on my social media feed.

When I started researching, I was surprised to find out many people have been using CBD for years. However, in the last few years it has become very popular. As stated earlier, I am a very curious person and I wanted to know why it has suddenly become so famous. I discovered in 2018. a farm bill was passed. In fact, this farm bill allows farms to grow the Industrialized hemp in which CBD products are made with. In fact, the federal government passed a bill making all hemp derived CBD products legal as long as they followed a certain set of guidelines. People no longer need prescriptions from the doctor or a medical card for hemp related products.


This is the main reason why it has become so popular. In fact, another reason is because of the benefits CBD oil and CBD products provide. Unquestionably, I have found many research cases and case studies to back up these benefits. Even as curious as I am, I do not just take anyone’s word for it. I need facts to back up these statements. Which brings me to the next thing, have you ever tried to do your own research about CBD and found tons of information? Sadly, not all of this information is true. You need to find trusted websites. If you cannot find one for a certain question, start comparing what other websites are saying. Unquestionably, all of this information can be confusing and time consuming. Please keep reading for more information about Utah CBD laws.


What is CBD?

Utah CBD Laws

For me, understanding where CBD came from was a little confusing at first. Did you know CBD and marijuana comes from the same plant? However, CBD is not considered marijuana. Is that not confusing?! In addition, how is this possible? How can two different compounds come from the same plant, but not contain all the same things? Unquestionably, after hours of research, I found a website which explained it in simple terms. In fact, CBD and marijuana do come from the same plant, but not the same parts of the plant.

More Facts:

CBD comes from the seeds, stems, and flowers of the pant. CBD only uses these parts of the plant because they contain 0.3% or less THC. In fact, this amount is within the legal guidelines for CBD. Unquestionably, marijuana comes from the rest of the plant. The rest of the plant contains high levels of THC. Do you know what THC is? THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. This compound can cause impairments. Unquestionably, this is the main reason it is still illegal in most states.

As state above, I found many benefits, with studies to back them up, about CBD. However, as always, with pros there are always cons. There are few side effects which are listed with these benefits. In fact, for me, I feel like the benefits out weigh the risks. In this article, we will talk about both the benefits and the risks. This way we can fully understand what CBD is. Unquestionably, we will get to the legal stuff at the end. If you are here about the Utah laws, please skip to the end, or keep reading!


What Are Some of The Listed Benefits of CBD?

Utah CBD Laws

As stated a few times above, there are several benefits listed for CBD oil and CBD products. I am only going to post some of them. These are the ones I found actual case studies for, so I know the information is factual. The rest of the benefits I may post at a later time. I would like to find some information on them first. Unquestionably, I do not want to give false information to my readers. I hope you all can understand this. Here are a few of the benefits of CBD:

  • Cancer – CBD is stated to have abilities to help eliminate the some of the invasive cells in which cancer cause. There are quite a few research cases on this benefit. They are hard to understand, but interesting at the same time. This is a huge benefit since cancer is a big problem in our world today.
  • Anti – Inflammatory – This is great for those of you who suffer from an illness which causes an inflammation problem. CBD creams and lotions are made to apply directly to the spot to help get rid of the inflammation. In fact, I read a few case studies where people with arthritis had huge improvements after using CBD creams for a certain period of time.

More Benefits:

  • Acne – CBD has be proven, though case studies and scientific research, to help get rid of acne. In fact, in some cases studies several people had huge improvements within 2 weeks of using CBD creams. This is awesome, a lot of people who have acne have low self esteem. This can help them with their self esteem too!
  • Pain reducer – Did you know CBD is an all natural pain reducer? I did not either! This is great for people who are suffering illnesses which cause severe pain. People like arthritis sufferers. In addition, people who suffer from bad migraines can also use this for pain relief. I’ve had migraines before, they are not fun. Finally some all naturally relief for all of us who suffer!

As stated above, I only listed a few. However, I may come back and add more benefits as I find more case studies and research to back them up. Please, stay tune to an updated listed some time in the future. Please keep reading about Utah CBD laws.


What Are Some Listed Side Effects of CBD?

Above, I listed all the benefits of CBD. I think we should also read about the side effects of CBD. In fact, this way we can get the all around feel about CBD. It is not right just to know the benefits when you should also know if you are at risk of side effects. Here is a list of some of the common side effects related to CBD usage:

  • Dry mouth – I listed this first because out of all the side effects, this seems to be one of the most common ones. Dry mouth is not really a big problem since you can drink lots of water to fix it. However, the reason why you get dry mouth with CBD is because CBD changes the way our saliva is secreted.
  • Tired feeling – Some people may feel sedate after taking certain types of CBD. Mostly those who take full spectrum CBD. However, if this is a problem for you, take it right before bed.
  • Change of Appetite – CBD helps with weight loss, so this side effect is understandable. It helps suppress cravings and helps you not over eat. I see this as a benefit if you need to lose weight!
  • Dizziness – This is caused from your body trying to get used to a new substance. If this is a problem for you, take right before bed time.


Utah CBD Laws

Unquestionably, knowing your state laws are important. Especially those which pertain to CBD use and selling of CBD. In every state, CBD is legal. However, each state has put their own restrictions on CBD use. This is their way of regulating how CBD is used, so it does not get out of hand. In Utah, you can use CBD to make products as long as it is grown from Industrialized hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. In addition, those of you who live in Utah, can only add the hemp to food and drinks if the hemp was grown in Utah.

If you do not know your state laws and need to find them out, each state has their own website. In fact, on this website, they give you links to many different articles. Also, they provide you with names and email address for you to contact people with your questions. These are all very good tools to use. If you have questions, do not hesitate to use those email addresses. If someone does not know the answer to your question, they will send you to someone who does. So, Stay safe, learn your laws, and Obey! Especially if you are a seller and producer.


Conclusion to Utah CBD Laws

I hope this article help you sort out some things about CBD. Unquestionably, finding information about CBD can be time consuming and you do not even know if the information is factual. I will be putting out several articles about CBD and I only use information in which I can back up with facts. In addition, I will list my resources below in case you would like to read about where I got my facts. Happy Reading!

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