What are the facts about CBD weight loss?

Facts about CBD Weight loss

CBD weight loss
Facts about CBD

In the world today, there is so much information at your fingertips for any type of thing you want to research. Such as, CBD weight loss. However, how do we know what facts are right and wrong? The world of fact finding can be quite confusing and lead to things you thought were facts are untrue. In this article, we hunted down and found all the true facts. In addition, went through many sources and references to find these facts for you.

CBD is a huge topic in the world today. It has said to be linked to many “miracle” cures. There are many forms of research that have been done on CBD. There are several animal and human researches posted on the internet today. These tests have been running for many different physical and mental ailments. CBD started out as helping manage one disease and ended up having a whole list of health risks it can help control. As you can see, CBD is starting to be used for just about everything now days. In fact, you can probably find a study linked to CBD on just about every mental and physical disease there is out there.


CBD and Its Beginnings

CBD started out as just being to help manage seizers during epilepsy episodes. Many researchers conducted tests on children and adults. The CBD targeted what ever was causing the seizers and help maintain a life with less seizers. However, over time some built up immunity to it. This caused the need for the dose of CBD oil to be increased.

As of today, CBD oil is used for more than managing just epilepsy. A few of the things that is used for now are things like managing anxiety and depression. CBD is also used to help with chronic pain caused from health issues. CBD is listed as a holistic alternative to taking prescription drugs. Some people feel that pharmaceutical drugs are not good for their body, thus turning to more natural forms of healing, such as CBD.


Research Case #1


A smaller study done in 2010 suggests that CBD can help reduce symptoms of social anxiety. Social anxiety was not a well-known anxiety for some time. However, as the years go by, there seem to me more and more cases.  The CBD was said to have increased the blood flow to the region of the brain that controls the anxiety our body feels. The increase in blood flow helped stem the symptoms of anxiety.

CBD weight loss

Research Case #2

Another case study found CBD is good for helping control health related chronic pain. European Journal of Medicine produced a case study where a topic gel was applied to test subjects. A significant drop in inflammation and signs of pain were documented. The main fact documented was that CBD helps with the inflammation flare ups for arthritis and chronic pain.


CBD and Weight Loss

CBD helps with everything else, why not weight loss too! Studies have shown that CBD may help suppress appetites. Suppression of appetites keeps you from overeating. CBD targets the endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid system is a group of fatty acid-based compounds, their receptors, and metabolic enzymes that break down the fat.

Weight gain is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. Many health problems and diseases are related to weight gain issues. For example, certain types of diabetes are associated with people being overweight. Being able to use CBD oils to target the problems causing weight gain is an amazing benefit to getting healthy.

CBD weight loss
CBD oil

Weight loss Studies – Case #1

In 2018, a group of researchers in Europe, conducted a series of tests to see the results of CBD on obese patients. Overtime, the results showed a significant decrease in fat cells. In addition, most patients claimed their appetite was less than normal and they didn’t feel the need to snack.  Some even claimed they felt full for longer periods of time. This study went on for about 4 months. Furthermore, not only did some people lose weight, they felt healthier too. According to this study, CBD and weight loss may go hand in hand. They are just starting case studies in the United States and will be publishing results from these studies soon.

Weight loss
Case study

Case #2

In Switzerland, 2016, another case was being study of a group of overweight and normal weight people. In fact, they studied two different types of weight groups to see the changes in each group. The overweight group was able to lose weight while the group that was normal weight was able to maintain their weight with no problems.

In obese people, CBD targets fat cells and turns them into good fat cells. It is said it converts the White cells “bad cells” into Brown cells (good cells) which may help the body burn calories. Claims were also made that CBD helps the body break down fat more efficiently. It may melt the fat and convert it into waste to leave the body. It may also help reduce cholesterol.


CBD and Its Forms

CBD can come in many forms.  Some forms include:

Weight loss
  • Oils and tinctures – These are comprised of liquids, normally oils, which are infused with CBD. They are put under the tongue with a dropper. The tiny capillaries under the tongue absorb the compounds from the oil quickly.
CBD products
CBD products




  • Creams and lotions – These are creams and lotions infused with CBD. Such creams are made to only be used as topical and not internal. Most lotions and creams are used to treat skin conditions, such as, eczema and psoriasis.
CBD weight loss
  • Pills and capsules – CBD that comes in pill and capsule form that is used to help manage many kinds of ailments. The FDA recently approved a drug called Epidiolex. This drug is the first CBD drug on the market that is used to treat seizers. Capsules and pills take longer to work because of digestion period.
CBD products
  • Edibles – There are many different forms of edibles made with CBD. The most common are gummies. Many people just this form as they are small and easy to carry around.

On that note:

Furthermore,  after reading through much research, it seems like the most popular form that was used during the weight loss trials was the use of oils and tinctures. They used this method because the CBD was ingested at a faster rate, due to the capillaries under the tongue. The second method seems to be the use of gummies because they are small and discreet.


As you can see, CBD is used for many different things. There is a lot of speculation on whether it truly works or not. However, there are several case studies related to CBD findings. In fact, some case studies were failures, but many also succeeded. The weight loss study was a success for about 85% of the subjects. In conclusion, CBD is a very popular item right now.

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