What is your FAQ CBD Oil? Do you need answers?


Are you new to using CBD oil? As a result, do you want to purchase some and find out how it works? In fact, are you doing your research to figure out if CBD oil is right for you? No worries, here is a list of FAQ CBD oil. I hope this article puts some of your worries to rest.

  • What is CBD oil? CBD is short for cannabidiol. In addition, CBD is a chemical compound that is extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. This extract is used to make health products, such as supplements.

    CBD Plant
  • How does CBD oil work? CBD oil turned into products. For example, some people cook the oil into foods. Some people take it in pill form, and some just use the drops. These oils are made to relax you and may help you manage pain from many types of illnesses.


  • What is CBD oil used for? CBD oil is used for managing pain due to chronic illnesses. It is also been used in treating acne and may help with reducing cancer cells. However, there is not a lot of research on this topic to support the facts of reducing cancer cells. One main thing CBD oil is used for is controlling anxiety and depression. One of the most FAQ CBD oil today.


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Other CBD questions

  • Will I feel any effects from using these oils? This question has several answers. You will feel effects if you take the oils with something that interacts with it. For example, if you drink within 4 to 6 hours of having taken CBD oil, the oils effects will be stronger and make you feel very sedate. If you take without any interactions, CBD oil will just make you feel really relaxed, unless taken in large doses.


  • Are there any related side effects from taking CBD? There are no documented side effects to taking CBD.  Moreover, the only effect that people have complained about is being drowsy. For some, this drowsy feeling can be worse than for some others. If this is the case, it is suggested to take before bed. In addition, always check with your trusted healthcare providers to make sure no other prescribed drugs will interact with CBD.


  • Will CBD oil get me high? No, CBD oil does not produce the “high” feeling. It does not contain enough THC to give you a high. Marijuana does contain high amounts of THC and will give you that high feeling. Additionally, CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC, less than 0.3%.


Hemp Oil Questions


  • What is Hemp Seed oil? Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the plant. Many people are using this oil as a healthier alternative to other forms of cooking oil. This oil had several studies done and most seen improvements in skin problems. It helps the skin because this type of oil contains fatty acids and vitamins. Hemp seed oil strengthens our skin and helps it fight inflammation and infection.


Hemp Oil Seeds
  • What is the difference between hemp and CBD? One main difference is that each one uses different parts of the plant. CBD oil can use all parts of the plant, including its stalk and flowers. Hemp only uses the seed of the plant. Both contain low traces of THC. In fact, it’s so low that they do not produce the “high” feeling. Hemp is used to produce Hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is used to  treat skin conditions and makes for a healthier alternative to cooking oils. CBD oil is used for helping manage all kinds of pain related illnesses.  As a result, studies show it greatly reducing and controlling forms of anxiety and depression.


  • What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? First, the Cannabis Sativa Plant is where hemp comes from. In addition, it only contains low amounts of THC, less than 0.3% and does not produce a “high” feeling. However, Marijuana contains large amounts of THC and does produce a “high” feeling. Undoubtedly, Cooking and beauty oils are produced from the hemp plant. Marijuana can be used to help control pain and manage chronic illnesses. However, most people rather use CBD oil because in most states, marijuana is illegal due to the high amounts of THC.


On that note:


Frequently asked questions are outlined in this article. As with all medications and substances, use responsibly and always do research if you aren’t sure about side effects or interactions. As a matter of fact, you can call your local pharmacy and ask questions. Your healthcare provider can also answer any questions you may have about CBD oil.


By the same token, if you would like to do your own research and would like to read the articles, I read to get my facts, I will leave a list of sources below!

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